Your Debt is a Punk and Wants to Break Up With You

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I have a little bit of bad news. Your debt called me the other day and we had a long talk. There were tears, lots and lots of tears but overall is was a good talk. Well, it turns out that  your debt is a complete punk and wants to break up with you. You’ve been together far too long (you know it’s not working out either), and it’s time to part ways. It’s a bad relationship and it doesn’t bring out the best in you. It’s been a good run but let’s be honest- it’s time to move along. There are way better things waiting for you out there.

8 Reasons Why Your Debt Wants to Break Up With You Right Now…

  • You’re not living your life anymore – You’re bogged down by guilt and shame and it’s affecting your daily life.
  • You’re too needy- You used to have independence. When you first got together you had hope and dreams and plans, and now, all that hope and all those dreams have disappeared and you rely too much on the line of credit for happiness. Your decisions aren’t your own anymore because they’re dictated by the debt (and that’s just not cute).
  • You’re  just not the same- You’ve got guilt from all the over-spending which makes you depressed and then you spend to get rid of the depression which causes more guilt. It’s an endless cycle; it wasn’t like that in the beginning.
  • You never have anything nice to say anymore- You used to have fun together, and it used to be carefree. Now though, now everywhere you go you’re bad-mouthing the debt. The debt that you got into a relationship with. The debt you chose.
  • You’re cheating- You’ve got more than just one debt, debt on the side. Debt that you’re keeping a secret. Debt you don’t want to tell anyone about.
  • You don’t have a future together- It’s just not going to be something that lasts for the long-haul. There’s no way you can see growing old together.
  • You can’t get over the past- All that past debt, you still talk. It’s still sending you texts, and we can all tell, it’s still on your mind. You can’t seem to get over it and move past it.
  • Your friends don’t like you two together- They can see it but you can’t. The debt is bad for you, really bad. The debt is a big stupid dumb jerk, and it makes you do things you normally wouldn’t. It makes you reckless. It makes you want to give up; no friend wants to see that.


It’s time to say goodbye. It’s time to stop all communication. Admit it, it’s not a good fit anymore. It’s time to say “This is it. Once and for all, I’m done with you!” , and really mean it.

It’ll hurt at first, and it will be rough getting used to a life that doesn’t rely on credit; one that’s not consumed by debt but, someday you’ll look back and you’ll think, “Thank God that didn’t work out!”


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  1. Yuri

    Today. I called a debt collector to set up payments. one step at at time I suppose. You were right.. there were tears, but It has to be done, we just cant be together anymore!


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