You Can.

she believed she could so she did

This really speaks to me. Especially since I wasn’t sure if I could do the Spending Fast for a whole year and ended up pulling it off… You can do it too.


4 thoughts on “You Can.

  1. Max D

    Hi Anna,
    I read your post about Saving Money on CNN and noticed you live in Denver. I enjoyed the post and think it'll help with empowering people (especially my age, around 25-29) to reduce their debt.
    Specifically, I liked how you mentioned the public transit system in Denver which easily is one of the best, and cheapest. As a student at various colleges in Denver, we receive free bus passes which I feel go to waste sometimes. In a way, you could be constructing advice to students currently IN college to use their bus passes in order to save costs.
    Also, bicycling in Denver is also huge (b-cycle) and it would stand to be something else to add into the equation especially for students.
    Finally, I am not entirely sure, but food banks exist for students and create alternatives to eating out as a student. Sure, I can probably count more places than I have fingers for to eat at within a quarter of a mile of DU's campus but utilizing a food bank can help cut down costs while remaining full.
    that is all for me, nicely written article, or blog. I have about the same amount of debt as you and I'm already eyeballing my finances for when I finish. If…I finish….

  2. caroline

    I'm impressed and inspired (read your story on cnn too). I had that moment too where one day I decided to tally up my debt when before I just considered a part of my life, since then I stopped using cc and am paying it down. the determination and tenacity to not spend is really inspiring. :)

  3. anna newell jones

    Hey Max, great things you wrote about! Yeah, Denver's pretty awesome on the busing and biking! The food bank is an interesting idea/alternative that I hadn't thought about. Thanks for putting it out there.

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