CNN Money – My Spending Fast: I Paid Off $18,000 in a Year

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If you found your way here because of the essay, My Spending Fast: I Paid Off $18,000 in a Year – Welcome! The response has been super positive and I’m so excited about it. Ya’ll are so sweet! (well, most of you:)

There’s my big head below. If you want to read the essay/article just click on the image and you’ll be directed to the full story.

If you sent me an email please know I’m reading them all and trying to respond timely.

Also, I’ve looked into and have tried to fix the glitches with my blog not showing up in readers. Please re-save and that should fix it up!

click on the above image to be directed to the full essay

Below is the front page of ! Wow. – oh my word. i’m freaking right next to anderson cooper!

Thank you also to the blogs and websites that have included me in your spaces. It’s awfully kind of you and much appreciated.

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P.S. Ready to get out of debt ASAP? Check out the Spending Fast Bootcamp!


5 thoughts on “CNN Money – My Spending Fast: I Paid Off $18,000 in a Year

  1. Jonha |

    Hi Anna,

    You're right! Was intrigued by your article and it's URL that I decided to take a peek. Let me start with the blog design commendation. I love it! :-)

    Now for the main article, I love the realizations and drama inside the bus more than what you have save. Well of course I love it that you saved to be debt-free and I hope you keep it that way! Have fun riding the bus! ;-)

  2. Rob

    I read your article and found it a very nice experience, expecially by the human stand point. By the financial one, to get rid of debts to me is a must, even if it is not so popular in USA culture. II could only suggest to be more analylical on expenses control. You can improve only what you measure, so measure all your causes of expenses and focus your actions on the 2-3 major causes. It will be effective, producing best results and avoiding to waste efforts on minor ones, like groceries. That is also known as the 80/20 rule: 80% of effects are due to 20% of the causes. Maybe you did not have to take the bus… :) Ciao, Roberto

  3. jen

    yay! i found your blog thanks to cnn and have been gradually going through all the archives. you are an inspiration to me! i have around 8k in credit card debt and my new years resolution was to go on a very very restrictive spending diet (not a fast). i will read your blog to keep me in check and in tune with reality!

  4. Audrey

    Wow! Congratulations!! How excitng it ha to be to have your blog show up on CNN!!
    You conveyed your bus experiences so well that at one pont, I felt I must have been sitting beside you.
    Very best wishes for sucess with your "fast".


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