Worthy or Not

There’s this gal at work who infamously says “Is it calorie worthy?” This time of year she asks this question quite a bit. She waits for someone to take a bite of whatever dessert is around. She asks her question. She waits for the verdict. If the answer is “Yes, definitely!” She takes a piece or a bite of whatever she’s been eyeballing. If the answer is “Ehh…” or “Uhh no!” then away she goes. No bites taken. No pieces consumed.

Once I noticed the pattern this lady had I started to think about her approach to desserts in relation to the Spending Fast. (Just follow me with this one). I started to think about how maybe her “Is it calorie worthy ” question might be used in my post Spending Fast life.

The question I could ask though is: “Is it expense worthy?”

Granted, this is a question I should have thought about long ago. Pre-debt and before things got bad enough to HAVE TO do something as drastic as a Spending Fast. But. Well. I didn’t.

I imagine that once January 1st rolls around and I’m on the new Spending Diet I’ll be out and about and an item might catch my eye. I’m going to go through these questions in my mind to see if the item should be purchased:

#1. “Do I NEED it?” If the answer is “YES” then go to #2 below. If the answer is “No”. Then the process stops there and out I go without any money spent. But. That’s best case scenario. Let’s see how this plays out…

#2. The next question will be: “Do I already have something like it?” If the answer is “Yes”. Then the process stops right there. Not a penny spent. If the answer is “No” then go to #3 below.

#3. “Is it well made? Will it last a long time? Is it a classic style that I won’t get sick of? Is it a neutral color that will go with what I already own? Do I LOVE it!? DO I?!! DO I!???!!!!” If the answer to all of those questions is “YES!” then go to #4 below. If the answer to any of those is “No”. Then I’ll stop right here and walk right on out of that store!

#4. Here’s the big daddy question here: “Is it expense worthy? Do I want to spend an hour or 2 hours at work (or more) to pay for this item? Is it REALLY worth what they are charging? Can I find it somewhere else cheaper? Can I find something else that’s just like this but NOT this and cheaper? Is the item REAAAALLLY worth the expense? Huh?! HUH!??” If the answer is “Yes” then go to #5. If the answer is “No” then that’s fine. Out I’ll go knowing that I’m not missing out and a lot closer to paying off all that debt.

#5. Sleep on it. When I wake up I’ll ask: “Do I REAAALLLY LIKE IT still?” If the answer is “YES” Then I’ll go through those questions above again. If the answer is still “YES” then -Whoa. Off to the register I’ll go. Whoa. That feels weird to say. If the answer is “Nah. Not really.” Then that’s that.

Really, I used to be a very impulsive shopper. Something sparkled or would catch my eye and that’s was that. I was done. My debt was built on the foundation of impulsivity. It’s nice to know I now have a plan in place to deal with the main thing that got me to the point of being in my overwhelming amount of debt. It’s nice to know I don’t have to go down that road again.


5 thoughts on “Worthy or Not

  1. Grammy Bear

    Good post. I really like both of the ideas about food being "calorie worthy" and merchandise being worth the money you have to spend on it. Thanks for sharing. And BTW, I heard about your blog on the local news. Good story. Your experiences should be of great help to others.

  2. Stephinie

    Oh I love this ;) The spending diet….. this is a diet that would actually be worth taking on! Sweet website…. I've been surfing around it all morning….

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