Whoa! October! Whoa!

andthenwesaved.com spending fast month 10 progress report

October- Month 10 of the Spending Fast was BEYOND successful! You will never believe who I FINALLY FINALLY FINNNNNNAAAAAALLLLYYY got paid off! My parents! I want to sing and dance and do a little jig cuz that is done! over! complete! gone! so! amazing!

I’ve had this old college debt with them for quite a few years and I’ve mentioned it quite a bit here because it’s always weighed so heavy on me mentally. I’d call my parents and my mom would tell me how much she’d like to be doing something (like you know, finally live her DREAM of traveling to Paris) if only it weren’t for the bill they were paying for me EVERY month- my old college loan. At first I tried to just ignore all the guilt and but that only worked for like 8 or 9 years (ha! and eek!). I always wanted to get them paid off I just never thought it could happen. That sounds kind of depressing but getting it paid off just seemed out of touch. Like, it couldn’t REALLY be a reality. You know? … always hoped it would happen just didn’t know how it could really shake out. Honestly, I didn’t see a way out of my debt. In a way, I accepted it like an extra limb or something. It just was.

You can imagine my joy when I realized I would be able to pay my parents off this month! A year or so ago my dad told me that he would (very generously) match whatever amount I gave them for my loan with them so that I could get it taken care of. Plus, I think he was sick of having me owe them the money. Before the Spending Fast I would sometimes only be able to send them $25 a month and sometimes I couldn’t send anything since I was overspending and getting further into debt. I’m not proud of that at all. It’s just the way it was- as uncool as it was of me. At $25 (maybe) a month I can see why they wanted to encourage me to pay more.

So, without further delay I am THRILLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEDDDD to tell you that in October I saved $2,386.04! Whoa!

$1,364.05 went directly to my parents for the remainder of the loan they took out for me- $2,728.10 was due to them and since they matched the amount I gave them it wiped out that debt! whooooot hoooottt wwwhooowoieuoeiruoie ridhfijri (that’s overjoyed typing) ojwieu oiwrji! WHOOOOOA!

The rest of the savings $1,021.99 went to pay off the college loan that I still have. It’s the last of the debt I have (approx 10k) and I am SO ready to get rid of that! It now seems like a reality to get it paid off. See the total savings here.

P.S. Super thrilled to be featured on the front page of Yahoo.com recently for the Debt Busters story! so exciting!

P.P.S. Ready to get out of debt ASAP? Check out the Spending Fast Bootcamp!


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  1. marianney

    all i can say is wow. that must be an amazing feeling to have your parents paid off. i still owe my parents money too and really want to get that paid off too. maybe 2011 is the year of the fast for me? ;)


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