Whatevv’ Brahh (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)

Anna Newell Jones

I hope your 4th of July weekend was off the charts! With fireworks (free) and sweets (cheap) and grass (free) and bike rides (free)!

Aaron and I pulled out our most patriotic gear and I dug out some sunglasses from my “I’m-completely-obsessed-with-suglasses-bag” that hangs out underneath the bathroom cabinet. Then, once we were all put together we wandered on over to sit on the Capitol Hill lawn to watch fireworks as they got shot off one of the buildings. We met up with some friends and their adorable (not skittish by the fireworks) dog. It was crazy how the fireworks were literally getting sprayed out of these gun type things while simultaneously getting triggered to go off (that’s all got to be computer generated right? anyone know how that works?). Then there were these fireworks that I hadn’t seen before and they seemed to flip around mid-air while they were exploding and then I always love those glittery ones that shoot out and then *glitter*glitter*glitter*. You know those ones?

Then, towards the finale there were a few seconds where everything seemed to pause. It’s as if they were saying, “Get ready for this Ya’ll!”

The fireworks fireworked but the part I really liked this year was the part after the fireworks went off. The part where the smoke had filled the air. I liked watching it as it slowly drifted away. I liked watching it glow with the light from the little explosions in the air. The slowly drifting smoke seemed extra calm in contrast to the chaos, noise and excitement of the area around us.

The smoke in the air was kind of like the surfer guy in the group who’s all “Whatevv’ Brahh”.

Sooooooo… did you notice our wonderful new sponsors over there on the right side of the screen!?! I have to point them out because I’m so happy to have them here! Check them out! I decided that this IS like T-ball and I was going to let everyone who entered win. I felt like celebrating and wanted to share the goodness that’s been going around these parts. So! Everyone’s a winner! If you missed the ad giveaway you can still be a sponsor of the site. Here the link to the goods about the goods.

Also, this week we will have a mysterious Gettin’ Guesty Contributor, the launch of a new site feature(!), and a Giveaway from one of my all time favorite Etsy shops! It’s gonna be goooooddd…


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