What I Wore To Alt Summit

what i wore to alt summit

Hah! You thought you had seen your fill of Alt Summit posts, huh! Not quite yet… This post is getting up a little later than I planned, and I almost didn’t post it because of that. But, but, I wanted to show you what I wore to Alt Summit because Alt was something I completely obsessed about and over-spent on mainly because I was nervous that I really wouldn’t fit in.

Before I even heard about the clothes people would be wearing I thought, “I’m in over my head. What am I thinking going?! Who do I think I am!” And then, I heard about the Alt Summit outfits, seriously, it’s a “thing”. Once I heard how everyone would be dressed amazingly it made me think about everything I owned and I felt that much more inadequate. So guess what I did? I started to look at online shops obsessively. I wanted to be good enough. I wanted to fit in. I wanted everyone to believe I belonged even if I wasn’t totally sure I did.

There was a Clue party (where everyone picked a character from the game and dressed as that character’s color) planned for Thursday night and you’ll never believe this – okay, maybe you might – I went through 4 different outfit options. The first option I found online for sale and when it arrived it fit wacky, the 2nd and 3rd just didn’t feel right or look “right”, and I ended up going with the 4th which was a $20 black dress I already owned and just added cheap yellow accessories so I could be Colonel Mustard.

I’d say that 85% of the stuff I wore I already owned but I wasted so much time looking online and in shops and completely over-analyzing everything, and since I over-bought I then had to spend time returning all the crap that didn’t work, d’oh. I hate when I do that over-spending, guilt, then return cycle; such a waste of time.

Turns out, I completely over-thought the entire Alt Summit outfit thing and it was really about jazzing up what you might normally wear; just take your normal outfits to the next level and that just means: if in doubt just wear a crap-ton of stripes and/or polka dots.

I wanted to share this experience with you because I was judging my insides (which I had deemed grossly inadequate) to everyone else’s outsides (which I had deemed amazingly amazing), and all along I was just fine with what I already had and already was.

Morale of the story: Trust that it’ll work out just fine, and don’t look at online shops if you’re stressed.

What I Wore To Alt Summit…

Wednesday Night travel/arriving: Super old hat that I got on sale and switched the original pom-pom out with a pom-pom from another hat /Gap, hooded cardigan /clothing swap,  awesome grey military-style pea coat coat I’ve worn for the past 4 years that I got for $20 from Forever21 (it was a size too big so I just moved the buttons over!), dark skinny jeans /Urban Outfitters, tan fringe boots /Target, striped socks /Target(?)
Wednesday Night Hello Social event and Sponsor Dinner: Beautiful cropped black fur jacket borrowed from Wishlist Vintage, printed baseball-style t-shirt /Forever21, bright red skinny jeans (on sale!) /Gap, black heels /Aldo
Thursday panels: Red mod dress/Etsy, cotton candy pink tights /H&M, tan booties /Rocket Dogs
Thursday night Clue party: Poof sleeve $20 dress and yellow belt /Forever 21, mustard tights /WeLoveTights.com, yellow heels (that I already had from my sister’s wedding) /Urban Outfitters, rope headband /Ban.do
Friday panels: Black and white striped scarf /Scout Dry Goods and Trade, brown lace dress/jacket /Modcloth, black and white polka dot tights /H&M, tan fringe boots /Target
Friday night Mini-Parties: Star headband /Giant Dwarf, navy and polka dot dress /borrowed from a friend, same black heels from Wednesday night
Saturday workshops/travel: same hat from Wednesday travel, sweater /Victoria’s Secret, same dark jeans, fringe boots, and striped socks from previous days
Bonus! ;) My super creepy hotel room door with the room number penciled in. It was funny to go to the majorly luxe Grand American hotel during the day for the Alt Summit events and then go to my rickety hotel room at the end of the day. The comparison was very stark! While that hotel room was a little sketchy I would do it again it meant I could afford to go to Alt again. Hey, save where you can do you can spend where you want, right? ;) xo. anna


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  1. Cassie

    You mean I’m not the only person who goes through that messed up cycle when I’m going somewhere where I know everyone else will be fabulous EXCEPT FOR ME because I’m inadequate? Good to know I’m not alone. :)

    1. CLV

      So, so, so not alone! I have this thing were I feel so totally and completely inadequate if I’m going somewhere fab and I’m not wearing clothes that are brand new. The spending cut backs have forced me to work on issue this in a huge way!

      1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

        Oh, I’m so glad I’m not alone. Before the Spending Fast I just ALWAYS, automatically went out and got myself a new outfit if I had an event to go to. Now that I’m out of that habit (try to be;) I realize how unhealthy that cycle was for me.

  2. kate

    oh, i love this post! i just bought a ticket to Alt NYC..and I’m super nervous about fitting in/what to wear! i keep thinknig my blog isn’t big enough for it or i’m not cool enough! thanks for posting this, makes me feel way better about overanalyzing! also that hotel room door is SCARY! ha. :)

    1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

      Whoo! You will have an amazing time at ALT NYC!! And, trust me, I’ve got a feeling that you are far more amazing then you realize. Everyone feels the same way as you (so I found out) and most of them just want to be friends!

      I know, that hotel door is ridic, right!

  3. Joy

    All of these outfits are seriously so cute, and I really love how also go for bold hair accessories that look just right.

  4. Linda

    Anna. Seriously. If you ever feel not good enough for ANY summit, read the comments on your blog. And if anyone ever wonders how good your blog is, show them the comments from your blog. You have helped so many of us!!! Almost out of debt. xx-Linda

  5. Megan

    Anna, you were adorable at Alt! And so, so sweet too, which shines through these pictures. It was so nice to meet you and thanks for being so lovely!

  6. emma

    wow, you looked amazing ! Being on a budget I feel like a giant frump 90% of the time… I’ll have to stalk you and learn the ways of still dressing well on a budget :)

    1. Linda

      Emma, I’ve been on the spending fast for over a year. You probably only feel frumpy but dont look frumpy!! It’s hard wearing your old stuff when you’re used to new things all the time. Look at Anna’s early posts. you can do things like dye black clothes to keep them looking fresh! Also add scarves and other accessories — I promise you will feel good about it. I recently broke the fast to buy essentials and was stunned to find how discerning I’d become. I looked for things that would make me feel good and last. Good luck and remember to make do and mend!! Linda

    2. Anna Newell Jones Post author

      Thanks Emma! I tell you what, I felt like that a bit too but by clearing out those clothes that you feel super crappy in it will actually help you feel better since you’ll be limited to the clothes you really do feel good in. There are quite a few posts on the subject on the blog and if you go to the sidebar under ‘Style’ you should be able to find some of the tips I’ve used. Hang in there! Seriously, a bit of frumpiness really is worth it in the long-run!! xo!

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