Well, Month 7 You Were Interesting. Weren’t You!

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Yesterday’s post told you about how July went so I was really surprised to see that despite my feelings of messing up in July that I somehow saved MORE in July then in June. Not much more- $8.61 more but still, how’d that happen? So strange. I guess since I have one less bill to pay since I paid off  my last credit card in June that it might affect my finances more than I had anticipated.

July’s total savings were: $790.69 (For my total Spending Fast Savings since the start in January 2010 click here.)

This is July’s savings distribution break-down:

  • $263.57 to my parents for an old college loan that they took out for me. This loan has been a monkey on their back (and mine) for a while now. Hope to pay it off before too long…
  • $263.56 to my college loan company. Again, hope to get that paid off… someday…
  • $263.56 into my savings account! Actually having money stay put in my savings account has been a goal I wanted to attain since the start of the Spending Fast so this is exciting!

It’s strange how the numbers shook out for July. I guess you never know!


2 thoughts on “Well, Month 7 You Were Interesting. Weren’t You!

  1. marianney

    awesome! so is it possible to get your parents paid off before the end of the year as well? Wouldn’t that be nice to have that over and done with too? :)

  2. Anna Newell Jones

    it would be sooo amaziiiiinnnnnnngg to get my parents paid off. it’s not likely i’ll be able to pay them off based on my average savings per month… we’ll see how close i can get :)

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