Way Beyond WHOA! Spending Fast Month 2: Conquered

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Month 2- CONQUERED!!

I can hardly believe how much I saved this month that it hardly seems real. I mean it’s sucked a lot to not spend what I want but it doesn’t seem like I’ve been saving THAT much and really it’s not been THAT sucky. Of course I say that now as a wiggle around in my saving halo of glee.

For the month of February I saved- OMG- I saved $934.37 !!! what the-! ??

It’s JUST INSANE! Insanely, GREAT!

Maybe because it’s a short month? Maybe I’m getting more used to not spending? Maybe I’m not a very good add-er or subtract-er and I have totally messed up my check book and that’s why it seems like I saved so much. That’s a possibility.

The only other notable changes I’ve made this month are: I cancelled my locker at the gym (savings $6), I stopped using official soy creamer and now just refill the little container with the rice milk I already buy (savings $3ish), and I’ve been eating food out of the pantry that I’ve had forever (who knows how much saved).

Apparantly all these little changes are starting to add up big time.

Was I REALLY spending that much per month!? How could I have been? I just don’t know. It can’t have been so. I mean I literally felt broke every month before I started the Spending Fast.

This month I’m going to be able to pay off 1 credit card completely with a $373.37 payment! whoo- hoo! Suze Orman are you proud of me Mizzz?

Then, I’m gonna send an extra $75 to my parents for the college loan they took out for me. Because they guilt me and the quicker I can get that paid off the better.

Then, $486.58 towards the last credit card. Hopefully I’ll be able to wipe that out soon. Especially if I can keep up this rate of saving.

Then, a savings account will finally get started.. but that’s still a little ways off yet.

Whoa. Still can’t believe it.


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