Using A Groupon To Get A Deal On Braces?! – YES

braces photo by zawezome

No doubt about it, teeth issues are expensive.

When a lovely friend sent me this message about her amazing savings on her orthodontics by negotiating and using a Groupon in an unusual way I had to share because I am majorly impressed!

“Hi Anna! I have a story to share about saving money. :) I am getting braces for jaw/pain/overbite/cosmetic reasons. I talked to the ortho and for my treatment (with ceramic/clear braces) it was going to cost $5300. Ouch. Insurance doesn’t cover adult orthodontia, so I had to really decide if I needed to do this… well, a few days ago I saw a Groupon for Invisalign from a different orthodontist. I sent it to my ortho and asked if they ever do Groupons, etc. Back and forth, back and forth… eventually they told me they would honor this other doctor’s Groupon for $1,000 !!! So, I get my braces on next Tuesday… just by asking if they ever do “deals” like that, they gave me $1,000 discount!”

I’ve also heard of a lady who went to a dentistry school at a college to get a missing tooth replaced – it took 2 years for the whole process to be completed but she saved a ton of money.

Morale of the story- ALWAYS ask for a deal.

They might say “no” but that okay because they just might say “yes” too. If you don’t ask it’s going to always be a definite “no”.

Hey, it’s worth a shot.

Do you have any tips on saving money at the dentist? Or using a Groupon in an unconventional way to leverage a deal?

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