USAA + MSN Money = Recent Press!

Blake Ellis of USAA Magazine wrote an article called 30 Things You Should Know About Money By Age 30, and A TON (30;) of great insights are in the article, and ohmygosh, those bulldogs are so cute! (Click here to read the entire issue! Thank you also to Laura who posted in the Community Section when she saw it; I didn’t know it had been published until she mentioned it.)30 things you should know about money before 30 USAA

30 things you should know about money before 30 USAA

I do some writing for the fabulous personal finance site WiseBread and sometimes their articles get picked up for syndication. MSN Money recently published the post I wrote for WiseBread called How To Do a Spending Fast in 16 (Easy!) Steps.

how to do a spending fast MSN Money

Thanks for letting me share this stuff with you! xo anna


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