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Save $1,000 by Simply Tracking Your Spending |

Seriously, ATWS readers are BEYOND inspiring. Check out this success story from Brenda… 

Hi Anna!

My 3-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in July 2014, which as you can imagine threw us into a tailspin. Our entire family (7-year-old son included, who has ADHD—so the change was challenging for him, too) underwent a total lifestyle change as we learned how to best manage my daughter’s blood sugars. I’m pleased to report she is a happy, playful, healthy little girl who has adapted beautifully.

Needless to say, the cost of her management came as a bit of a shock.  My husband and I each bring home decent pay, yet money just seemed to disappear. So, I got serious. I tracked where every dollar went and I tried your Spending Diet idea.

At the start of February, I withdrew $100 cash for my husband and $100 cash for myself. After gas and groceries were purchased, the bills were paid and the kids’ needs were met, we could spend it on whatever we pleased. The rules were simple: if we run out of month before we ran out of money – game over. We couldn’t withdraw any more. I figured we could try anything for a month, right?

I tracked our finances with laser focus, and we really had to think about our purchases. Do I really need this? How will this fulfill me? $100 for the month meant we could spend a maximum of $3.57/day. And with 9 days left of February, I realized we’d saved $1,000.

I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT – and I’m ashamed to admit that a month ago that was money we could have spent. Even with our increased medical expenses, we saved $1,000. Suddenly, our goals of paying off our high-interest, non-mortgage debt seems possible. Paying cash for a new vehicle seems possible. And paying cash for an insulin pump for our daughter seems possible.

I want to thank you for sharing your story, your journey and your idea. It has helped us in more ways than I could ever possibly describe.

… and all because we tried it once!

Thank you,



Thank you for sharing your story with us, Brenda! It’s super inspiring!:D

Do you track your spending?  If so, have you noticed a difference in your spending habits?

Do you have a Spending Fast or Spending Diet success story you’d like to share with us? If so, we’d love to hear it! Send me an email at: with the Subject Line: Real-Life Success Story!

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  1. Katie

    It’s inspiring to hear how others have managed emergencies such as this one all by being more mindful of how money is spent! It makes me think that my own financial challenges are just as manageable!

  2. Raissomat

    I tracked my spending for 3-4 months. Turned out I spend a lot on snacks and health store foods (both not included in our food budget) then dvds (not anymore, we have a library card now!) and gifts (that’s just who I am, but I try to go handmade).
    The snacking/healthstore spending is really hard to fight with all my allergies, I do my best.

  3. Kim

    This is great! I FINALLY got myself a budget/tracker app and I’m really excited to use it. I’m terrified to see what I spend and be REALLY cognizant of it, but it’s huge. (I don’t spend that much on frivolous things, but I do nickle-and-dime a bit and that could so easily be curbed.) Looking forward to seeing how it goes! :)

    Thanks for posting these stories. Love to see the real successes of real people.


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