Tis’ the Season, Yo

saving money around the holidays

What’s a girl on a Spending Fast supposed to do about the Holidays?! With the swarm of advertisements, the lure of “deals” and the thoughts of getting gifts while not buying any- well, it all gives me the willies, frankly.

I can’t help but think back to last year’s Holiday Season. I was still in the grips of my massive over-spending and the thought of going on a Spending Fast was still just a fleck of a thought in my mind. Back then, way back in 2009, I wanted stuff. Lots of it and exactly what I wanted. I didn’t need to need it. I just needed to want it. That’s what the holidays are for right!?

Get and Give! DEBT!? Living outside of my means!? Me!? Never! Right!

We’re told over and over that if you love me and I love you then we need to AND SHOULD spend and spend and spend to show our love. And “Once Upon A Time” I liked believing it.

Over Thanksgiving my mom asked me what I would like for Christmas and I thought about it for a bit and not much came to mind. Weird huh. “A medium size pot” I told her “and maybe some black dress socks for work”. My practical side won over my urge to scream “a new camera and etsy goodies!” (not that she’d have gotten me a new camera, but still… I could’ve asked). It’s strange to see the effects of this year taking their place in my life, like in more of a for-real-permanent-way then in a for-1-year-only-white-knuckle-it-sometimes way. You know?

Those thoughts have got me all antsy for the New Year. My hearts actually beating faster thinking about spending money. What will I do without the secure confines of my self-imposed Spending Fast? How will it be out there in the big bad world when I can once again spend money on something I want and not just need.

Will I get myself into debt and trouble again!? Have I learned anything at all throughout this year!!??

HAVE I!???!!

HAVE I!!!!!!??????

I don’t want to think about it. It too, gives me the willies.

Anyway, back to the holidays.

Have I told you about my Re-Gift Bag? I might not have because I don’t want people to know about it. Because if I knew someone has a SPECIFIC bag that they could possibly put a gift from me in I would not like it. Not one bit. So, yeah. I probably haven’t mentioned it before now but now is a good time to mention it since it’s THAT time of year. You know THAT TIME OF YEAR. So, this Re-Gift Bag- I have one and well, it is quite full and I have been digging in it all year. Usually, if someone would give me a gift I would think “Oh, I’m gonna have to give so and so a gift. I better save this!” It’s not something I’d say I’m PROUD of. It’s just that desperate times call for desperate measures and so, the Re-Gift Bag was born and raised and is living a thriving life on the shelf in my closet.

Throughout the year I have really tried to make gifts for people. Things like: baked goods, zombie portraits, banners, stuff like that. Most of the people on my list have already received one of these things throughout the year so I’ve had to get a little more creative with some gift ideas. In addition to making things for people and re-gifting I will be doing trades with people through my Etsy shop and I also had another Silpada party (this time is was just a “catalog” party) so that I could use the jewelry credit I earned from the sales to get something nice and special and wonderful for my mom. Hey, she’s my mom! She deserves something nice and special and wonderful!

The hub and I talked and at 1st we said “Okay, no gifts this year”. What a bunch of scrooges we are! Then I decided he needed a gift so we changed our gift giving/not giving plans to a $30 limit. Pretty impressive since the last few years we spent about $150+ on each other. We had talked about doing a trip in the New Year since we already have plenty of things. The trip idea is nice since it’s all about the idea of creating new experiences together and that’s something I can totally get behind.

This year I’ve really been more focused on enjoying my time with people at the holiday parties. It’s fun to get to know them more and really BE with them rather than just be with them superficially. I don’t know if this is another benefit/side-effect of the Spending Fast but it’s really pretty nice.


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  1. Patty

    Your zombie portrait was one of the best gifts I've ever received!! Knowing how much time you put in to it, especially to make me feel better, made me feel warm and fuzzy. <3

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