Thrifty Weekender / 1

thrifty weekender

This is the first post for a new feature I’m starting up for Fridays called Thrifty Weekender. I’ll be rounding-up some of my favorite money-saving, thrifty-living, motivational, or just plain awesome links that I’ve come across recently. There’s just so much good stuff out there that I want to share with you, and since some stuff just doesn’t fit into the usual categories I cover we’re just gonna go ahead and do this! Plus, fun links are fun.;)

  • Would you be into volunteering your debt away? Or is that just kind of like getting a job and using the money from that job to pay off your debt? What would be the perks to doing this program? I like the concept and sentiment either way though.
  • Gotta save up that $$$ to go to Sagrado Cenote Azul in Chichen Itza, Mexico someday. So magical.
  • Pretty sure every mom would love one of these. (Could be easy to make?)
  • The documentary that always, always gets me fired-up to share the getting-out-of-debt hope. Have you seen it? (Maxed OutI’d love to hear your thoughts on it.
  • Consider staying in, or hosting others, in your cute, tiny home through Airbnb. Because small is where it’s at (see above).
  • And, Sophia Amoruso (AKA #GIRLBOSS) really nailed it with this:

money looks better in the bank than on your feet What will you be up to this weekend? We’ll be celebrating my first official Mother’s Day (!!) with a few extra chubby baby snuggles, and we’ll most likely try to get outside a lot since it’s such a beautiful time of year though, if you can you believe it, we actually have snow in the forecast for Monday (!?!!??!!?). All the trees in our neighborhood are sprouting their little green buds and they are beginning to canopy the streets. I just love it when they do that! Happy weekend! xo. Anna


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  1. Dana

    Was interested in the documentary you were linking to but “page does not exist”, kind of glad though because I got to see your awesome broken link page lol

  2. Arun

    Happy First mothers day!!!! Hope you had a great time.
    I like the image “money looks better in the bank than on your feet”. Only few people have realized it is true.



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