Thrifty Weekender / 03

thrifty weekender

What are you up to this weekend? Since season 2 of Orange is the New Black just came out of Netflix we’ve been binge-watching the shows after the baby goes to sleep and we’ve been loving every minute of it! Have you gotten into the series? I can’t imagine what it would be like to be in Piper’s shoes with the past coming to haunt her like that. After the first season came out I hunted down the real NY Times article that Piper’s fiancé Larry wrote (I felt pretty cool when I found it;), and here it is if you’re interested: Modern Love: A Life to Live, This Side of the Bars.

Right now it’s dark and rainy out, and there is thunder booming in the distance. It’s the perfect weather to catch up on writing and napping… I’ll start with the catching up on blogging part and then, if I’m lucky, I might be able to do the napping part. I’ve also been doing The Minimalist Challenge everyday and I am shocked at how much junk I’ve been accumulating that I haven’t been using. My SELL and DONATE bins are filling up so fast! I’m going to have to start putting things in trash bags since I’m running out of room in the bins. It feels so good to clear stuff out! Have you been participating? How has it been going for you?

Let’s go ahead and get right into the Thrifty Weekender…

  • Have you ever been a part of a group interview? I’ve never heard about such a thing until I read that post. (At the birthing center we were part of a few group appointments, the idea of those felt a little strange at first, but it turns out they really weren’t weird at all… mainly since nothing personal was shared with the group.)
  • Absolutely love this idea that fosters fresh, local produce; more health, less waste, and stronger communities. That’s a big order but YardHarvest is making it happen.
  • A cute, free way to track your kiddo’s development and interests throughout the years. (I appreciate the idea but I’m not totally convinced that I would want to have 18 sheets of loose paper hanging around for that long ready to clutter up my house and get lost. What about you, into it or not?)
  • This is a post from a few years ago but they pretty much nailed it calling out these doomed industries. Do you agree?
  •  Aaron and I didn’t combine money for the first year or so that we were married, and I know of a few couples that still don’t combine their finances even after being partnered for quite awhile. How to live together and keep your money separate.

Hope what’s left of your weekend is great! xo, Anna


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  1. Momof2PreciousGirls

    On the tracking kids development. I ask them the same 20 questions each birthday. Started with oldest on her 4th and the youngest on her third. I actually type them on the computer and save them. I think I’ll make them into a book when they head off to college!

  2. Deanna

    The $23 dress could definitely be a wedding dress! It’s simple and elegant – just add some jewelry and maybe a fun floral or Grecian-inspired headpiece and you’re set!

    1. Stacey

      I found my wedding dress on We had a simple wedding in the park where we went on our first date. I wanted a knee length, classically-beautiful dress for the occasion for about $100. Love these dresses!


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