56 Things To Do Instead of Spending Money

 56 Things To Do Instead of Spending MoneyNot spending money? No need to worry there’s lots to do!

56 Things To Do Instead of Spending Money… 

1. Read the archives of your favorite blogs 

We all have our favorite blogs and websites; see what the beginning was like by digging through the archives. (Find the And Then We Saved archives in the drop-down menu in the right sidebar)

2. Build a fort 

Even if you have no kids (and don’t know any) you can throw some sheets over a few chairs and a table, toss in some blankets and pillows and pretend like you’re a kid again. Who doesn’t have memories of building forts or of playing in boxes as a kid? Get goofy and let yourself have fun with it.

3. Make some of your Pinterest pins 

If you’re one of the 200 million Pinterest users then this one is for you. You know all those pins that you have on your boards? This is the perfect time to make some of them. The challenge: only tackle the projects that you can do with supplies you already own.

4. Get creative with your meals 

Break out of any food rut that might be building and come up with some new meal ideas using only the foods that you already own. Tap into your inner Top Chef and see what unique and tasty meals you can come up with. Think outside of your normal “go-to” foods, and you just mind create a whole new favorite.

5. Mend those clothes that need mending

That hem that’s come loose, the hole that needs patching, the button that’s hanging on my literally 2 thin threads; nows the time to get that pile of To-Do’s taken care of.

6. Have a favorite actor or actress?

Check out all of their movies from the library or watch them all on Netflix. Another idea- decide to have a movie marathon theme night. Some ideas: 90’s movies, cult classic movies, cheesiest movies ever made, worst movies ever made, and the worst horror movies ever made.

7. Use those gift certificates!

Have old gift certificates that have sat around since the last holiday season or from your last birthday? Some gift certificates expire, some charge activation fees (gasp- the nerve!) and you’ll never believe this- some companies will take a percentage off the card for each month it hasn’t been used (double gasp!). Don’t let those gift certificates go to waste! Still can’t find anything you like at the store? This could be a great re-gift opportunity (as long as the gift certificate is not going to expire super soon, and as long as in it’s original wrapper still looking crisp and brand new). Also, consider listing the card on Craigslist, Facebook, or Card Pool. Likely you’ll only be able to get a percentage of the card’s original value but it’s better than nothing since letting it sit in your junk drawers will do you no good at all. OR, you can trade-in your old stuff to get gift cards that you’ll actually use!

8. Get organized

Go through all those old papers, clean-up your computer’s hard-drive, and find a place for all the errant items in your house.

9. Cut your own hair

It’s only scary the first time (really!); after that you’ll wonder why you haven’t been cutting your hair this whole time! How to cut your own hair tutorial. And while we’re on the subject of hair…

10. New hairstyles 

A whole new look for you could be as simple as parting your hair on the opposite side, busting out the old LA Looks to slick your hair back, conquer that fishtail braid you’ve always wanted to try, or simply pulling your hair up into just a slightly higher ponytail for an instantly perkier look.

11. Spa day at home

Use your cooled morning coffee grounds as a full body exfoliator, soak your feet, put a warm washcloth over your face, turn on your favorite relaxing free radio stations, and use your imagination to pretend you’re in a luxury resort laying by the poolside as a tan pool-boy serves you free! (Hey, let’s go for it) ice-cold drinks.

12. Take a picture an hour

Ever wonder what your life looks like to others? Find out by snapping a picture an hour for the entire day. From the seemingly common to the obviously exciting your life will look different through the lens of a camera. No need to worry if you don’t have a fancy camera, a cell phone camera works perfectly for this.

13. Write letters

How long has it been since you’ve written a real pen and paper letter? I don’t even remember the last time. Send your grandma a note, and tell her what you’re up to. It just  might make her day!

14. Make gifts!

It doesn’t matter if it’s right around the holidays or if they just passed. Someone’s birthday is probably coming up so get a head start, and squirrel away your creations for when they are needed. Check out the DIY Gift Guide.

15. Tackle a nagging task

This is one of Gretchen Rubin’s (author of The Happiness Project) super tips for happiness. The shower needs caulking, the windows need sealing so scratch those pesky tasks off the To-Do list once and for all.

16. De-clutter

Sort through everything in the closets, the basement, under the beds, and in the dressers. (Are you serious about de-cluttering and letting go? Then, tackle The Minimalist Challenge!)

17. Clean your house from top to bottom

Really scrub the tub, toilet, floors, window sills, everything. Put your back into it.

18. Clean your car

No more fast-food bags, stray gum wrappers or dirty windshields.

19. Come up with new outfit combinations

Would you much rather be out shopping than doing just about anything? Pull out your clothes and come up with some new outfit combos. You might have far more outfits than you realized. Posts to get your ideas going: How To Wear One Look a Zillion Different Ways, How To Transition Summer Clothes Into Fall, and Wearing Scarves to Pump Up Your Style!

20. Potlucks! 

There are lots of different potluck options: breakfast, dessert, appetizers. When everyone brings something the burden for one person to pay for everything is lifted. I recently went to a themed potluck where everyone brought something related to pumpkins! It was awesome! I brought pumpkin spice cupcakes with brown butter cinnamon buttercream frosting (so good!).

21. Rearrange your house

Maybe the couch would look better over by the window.

22. Volunteer

Make a large deposit in your karma bank and help a person or group that needs assistance.

23. Free Library and community events 

Pick up a community paper or look online for your city’s free event listings.

24. Sleep-in 

Why not cuddle up a little longer.

25. Nap

Relax. Hey, why not?

26. Catch up on your reading

That stack of books and magazines by your bed is begging for your attention.

27. Go for a run

Try a new route, explore a different neighborhood, burn up some calories, tone those legs.

28. Go to the book store and peruse the magazines 

This falls into the kind of  “shamelessly frugal” category but sometimes frugal living calls for it. This is what you do: bring a tea bag with you to the book store then ask the coffee shop barista for a cup of hot water, pick up a stack of the newest magazines and enjoy! Be sure to leave the magazines in pristine shape.

29. Go Dumpster Diving!

You just might find a dirty treasure that just needs a small amount of cleaning to come to life again. See I Went Dumpster Diving and More Adventures in Dumpster Diving.

30. Call your long-distance relatives

Both Skype and Google Voice offer free long-distance internet to phone calling. Do you know of any other companies that have this feature or better options?

31. Organize your photos

Back-up your digital images, and make a plan for getting them printed.

32. Make Cards

Get crafty and stock-pile cards for the holidays or birthdays so they’re ready when you need them throughout the year.

33. Make Cookies

A large majority of cookie recipes use common household ingredients which is great for saving money. I always skip recipes that call for exotic ingredients. Some tasty recipes: The Perfect Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe (bonus: gluten-free!), Jet-Fueled No-Bake Cookies, and Graham Creams.

34. Update your To-Do List

35. Write 

Get that story written and those memories jotted down.

36. Start a happy book

Compile all of your good memories in one place. When you’re feeling crappy open it up to a random page for an instant boost. Include those silly things that happen in life that crack you up and make you really to-the-gut happy, you know the ones. You just need a good, solid little notebook.

37. Go on a bike ride

See your city in a new way. Breathe in the fresh-air that is all around you. 

38. Hike

Get out in nature and take in all that natural beauty.

39. See if you can return anything you’ve bought

Are you guilty of keeping tags on clothes (or other items) and never wearing them? If you’re not getting use out of it, take it back.

40. Wash all your linens

Nothing is better than clean sheets! Right?

41. Look over your finances

Take inventory of your finances and see where you can make some changes. See How to do a Spending Fast and Get Out of Debt Quick! and if you’re ready to really change your life take the Get Out of Debt Pledge.

42. Figure out your goals

If you don’t have a plan or an end goal in mind it makes it harder to achieve what you want, partly because what you want isn’t clear in your own mind. I like to do a “day-dream best-case scenario dream-goal” list. I figure if you put it out there and work hard it just might happen; it’s worked for me more than once.

43. Write a gratitude list

Sometimes it’s just a matter of noticing how very lucky we truly are. Take notice of all the big obvious things (roof over your head) as well as those things that seem trivial but that help to make your life really great and enjoyable (the bus arriving right as you get to the stop- LOVE that). See What are Your Grateful for Right Now? and Dramatically Increase the Quality of Your Life.

44. Have a sleepover

Channel your childhood, grab your sleeping bags, and stay up late telling ghost stories.

45. Make meaningful contact 

Tell everyone in your life why you love them (or like them) and what you appreciate most about them. Don’t miss the chance to get goodness out into the world and don’t miss the chance to make someone feel great and appreciated.

46. Have your friends over

Just hang out. Easy!

47. Bus it

Hop on a route you don’t normally take. 

48. Open Mic night

There are a ton of talented people out there in your very own city just waiting for an audience to entertain.

49. Free week at a new gym

Get out of a work-out rut and switch up your gym. See 4 Reasons Why Your Wallet Wants You to Adopt a Healthier Life ASAP.

50. Put things on Craigslist

Make some money from the items you no longer use or need, and if the items don’t sell…

51. Sell to a pawn shop

See if you can sell your un-wanted items to a pawn shop, and if that doesn’t work…

52. Do a clothing swap!

Get your friends together, and trade what you no longer wear (or want) for something new-to-you.

53. Hold a yard sale

If at first you don’t succeed try, try again. That is, after you’ve exhausted Craigslist, pawn shops, clothing swaps, and yard sales…

54. Donate to the thrift store

You gave it a good go with trying to make money off the items you no-longer used. It’s time to throw in the towel with the things that are still left. Be sure to get a tax receipt to use at tax time. See How De-Cluttering Made for a Charitable Donation Tax Write-Off and Organizing Receipts in the Cutest Way Possible.

55. Connect with an old friend

Used to be really close friends in high-school and have you got disconnected? Re-connect to see what your old bud is up to these days.

56. Be anonymously nice 

Leave random nice notes all around town. Some ideas for your notes: “You can do it!” or “You’ve got this!”; it just might be the sign someone has been looking for to take the next leap in their life. Hang the notes on light posts, tuck them into car doors and windshields, leave them on community cork-boards. Spread around kindness and awesomeness and it will come right back to you. It’s the craziest thing but goodness boomerangs! Check out: 134 Ideas for Random Acts of Kindess to get you started with ideas!

Bonus tip: Start a blog!

A couple more things to think about when not spending money:

What are your favorite no-spend activities? What things do you do instead of spending money?

image by richard masoner/cyclelicious and it was taken at the 2009 san francisco bike expo fashion show

P.S. Ready to get out of debt ASAP? Check out the Spending Fast Bootcamp


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  1. Mike

    Tons of great ideas, and I really love the 1 picture per hour idea. It would be cool to document your entire day like that. Would put a whole new twist on catching up with your partner at the end of the day on how both of your days went.

      1. Rachel

        We have a Half Priced Books where I live and they sell new and used books and magazines. I get all of my magazines from them, they may be a month old but they are only .25 each! So I save a bundle!

    1. Alison Hood

      No 28 is truly awful! I don’t want to buy a magazine which has been thumbed through by someone else. Go to your local library & read the magazines there.

      1. Sara

        Every time I go to the grocery store there are tons of people reading the magazines in the magazine aisle. If you think you are getting an unthumbed through magazine at any store, think again.

      2. Barbra

        I agree that #28 is terrible: both expecting coffee shop owners to provide a cup and hot water for your tea (it’s not free for them, they have costs to cover), and reading magazines that are for sale.

        Really enjoyed the rest of the ideas though.

  2. Hannah

    Thanks! I was having a dull day and did the Pinterest thing. Now I have a toilet paper mantel decoration and a kind-of-trashy-but-comfy workout shirt.

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  5. Heather

    Going on a Picnic is a great way to get outdoors and for some added fun, invite some kids along. Walking to the grocery store is way to get rid of a few calories, enjoy some great weather, and strike it off the to-do list all at once. The playground is another good place to get some laughs as you and your friends relive the childhood games and share funny stories.

  6. Daisy@Everything Fin

    I love a lot of these suggestions – particularly “take a picture an hour” and being anonymously nice. First of all, taking a picture an hour will not only be interesting for others (maybe.. depending on what type of life you lead) but also may put things in perspective for you. If the pictures of what you are doing consist of the tv and only the tv, maybe it’s time to start being more productive.

    And who doesn’t want to be anonymously nice! There are so many things we say we don’t have time for but this shouldn’t be one of them.

  7. Laura

    This was a very helpful article! Thank you for sharing. Being a single Mom…I need to come up with fun activities that are free…and there were some good ideas in here. Plus, I need to cut back on spending and this was helpful.

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  10. Eugénie

    Preparing lunchs, going to library, going out with doggy, invite the BFFs over to an afternoon with old movies and popcorn, cleaning cupboards to know what you do own and use (food included!), clean outdoor spaces and take care of it, play boards games, go help older parents and grand-parents with harder tasks, free activities in town, etc, etc.. :):)

  11. Emily Day

    Great list! Online “window shopping” actually HELPS me not spend money. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to things I want. It feels like collecting! I usually end up realizing that I don’t need those things, but they’re always there, in case someone needs a gift idea for me, or I decide to save up the money to buy it!

    1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

      I’ve heard that before from a couple people- that just doing some “collecting” of the items is helpful in the fight againt over-spending. Someone told me once that she would even fill up her online cart with everything she wanted to buy and then just close out the screen when she was done “shopping” instead of making any real purchases. That would get me in trouble though! ;)

      1. Jennifer

        You can sign up for google voice completely free, and you can use that to call any number in your country for free (not sure about outside the country). I use it to talk to my mom during the day when I am home so I don’t use up all my minutes

    1. Sarah

      Skype calls are free to a phone when the user has the Skype app (as opposed to calling a phone number). You just have to be sure to watch your data use or have an unlimited data plan to avoid overages.

    2. Sarah

      Skype is free to a mobile phone asking as the user has the app. The only thing you have to watch is data use or have an unlimited data plan to avoid overage charges.

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  17. Tan

    Wow I am doing so many of these things already… even before reading this AMAZING blog! These things make you feel soooo connected and make such a difference!

  18. Gabi

    This post is awesome. I reference it every day when I get home from school to keep myself from wasting time looking at clothes online or watching too much TV. Thanks so much!

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  28. Clara Gwen

    Oh this is just what I’ve been needing! I seem to spend my paychecks way too fast these days. I think the first thing I’ll do is the clothing swap!

  29. Abby

    Thanks for the great ideas! I just started my new “frugal lifestyle” a month ago by getting a second (more fun!) job. It has kept me really busy, so I don’t have time to go shopping because I’m bored. I find I’m much more productive in what little spare time I have, and when I do make plans to see friends, I have an incentive to get things done around the house, faster! I will definitely try some more ideas you have on this list. Thanks, again!

    1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

      it’s fun to have one place to go to look at all the ridiculous/silly/goofy things that make you laugh. it’s cool too because you don’t have to please anyone’s sense of humor but your own. if it cracks me up, in it goes!;)

  30. Mónica Fernandez

    This list is amazing…I´m from Argentina, en 2001 was a very hard crisis…now i live in Spain, In Canary Island of Tenerife..again a big crisis reach me…But the first crisis let me many things…a Thyroid cancer and that the more important is …have health. Everything get if you´ve got health. I´m always making new my dresses…my blouses…with a pin…a fabric flowes…my shoes too…with crochet flowers of many colours…The crisis is the best thing that coud hapens by albert Einstein. Send you my salutations adn sorry my englihs is bad…God bless you..!!!

  31. B

    Dumpster diving is a frequent “hobby” of mine but there are a couple of things to consider: 1) is the item by itself? It could be a Craigslist or Freecycle item for someone picking up later (if you are brave, knock on the door and ask); 2) if the item needs repair do you have the time/money to fix it? Defeats the money saving idea of dumpster diving!

  32. Emm-Rose

    I love this blog. It has some really great tips for living on an over tight budget without going insane. I actually do #28 all the time. I always keep a couple tea bags in my purse. If you are going to get coffee with a friend but don’t want to spend the $3, you can ask for hot water (sometimes costs a dime) and you’re set!

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  35. Nick

    Make a fort? haha, nice article, I’ve just written a similar one myself… and actually began surprising myself with all the creative ways you can save money.

  36. Rebecca

    I just stumbled onto your blog because someone had pinned this article–I have to say that I absolutely love it! I have been feeling terribly blue because I simultaneously am trying to save money to purchase a car (much needed!) and pay off my student loans….but you have encouraged me! :) I also wanted to add something to your list here, for the lifelong learners, or just the curious. A friend recommended coursera.com to me: free classes on basically anything by wonderful college professors from a variety of institutions across America. It’s marvelous!

    Again, thanks for the blog–I’m reinvigorated to head to work tomorrow and then on to my want less, spend less, be more free goal!

      1. Lola russo

        coursera is awesome – do check it out! I’m a teacher and have taken many online courses and this one has the best of choices. You’ll find tons of things on it that you’ll want to take! Good luck to you!

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  39. Coty

    A good one for the ladies…

    Try out new eye shadow and eyeliner looks! The times when you are bored at home are great for attempting risky makeup looks :)!

    I love this post! just found your blog on pintrest and I’m excited to explore it! This is gonna be great for college next year!

  40. Sharonne

    Thank you so much for this blog! I am going to print this list and put it up somewhere where I can see and read it everyday. I already do a lot of these things before I even came across with it on Pinterest. But I have days of depression and boredom and forget that there are so many things that I can do than go out shopping to feel better..

  41. Rebecca

    Just stopping back by to say that I finally listed some books on Amazon thanks to this great article’s suggestion! I’m excited to get a little extra cash back into my wallet–thanks for the ideas!

  42. isis

    When borders was still around they would allow people to sit around and read the books. When I lived in my car this was my entertainment. Starbucks was right next door and they would let me make my own tea or coffee when I brought what I needed in then I would go to borders and read for hours. I mostly stuck to hardcover because they didn’t leave marks showing that it’s been read. I would go there after the library closed and on Sunday when the library was closed all day

    1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

      I love going to book stores and flipping through magazines. I always try to be very careful so they don’t look used or anything after I look at them. Another than you can do is bring your own tea bag and just ask the coffee shop for a cup of free hot water.

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  48. DannyCattington

    Great list of suggestions!
    But I’d suggest swapping out #39 “See if you can return anything you’ve bought”. The vastest majority of items cannot be returned after a 14 day period and it’s absolute torture for sales associates when customers get upset about this simple fact. I’d recommend switching this with “Swing by the library”. Borrowing cards are free and there is no sales pressure, as all books are on loan. Something about books makes everything a little better.

  49. Abbey

    Hey Anna! Loving this blog. I live in Newcastle, Australia and I love that so many of your suggestions are geared towards consuming less and re-cycling what you have! Good of you girl. Keep it up.

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  51. Karen White

    I can actually get exhausted from online window shopping! I do recommend it though I have found that often I come back days (or even weeks) later to some of the window shopping I had done and not be able to resist the temptation to buy.

    1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

      I totally hear you! I get the same way. It’s nice to window shop online and to be able to easily close out the browser and find something else to do. I love how easy it is to remove the temptation when needed.

  52. Kay Lyn Chase

    How about adding clean out your closet, list clothes on ebay? I noticed you mentioned Craigslist but my goal is to get some traction out of my “old-larger sized” clothing and post on Craigslist rather than just donating. If they don’t sell then I’ll donate.

  53. Kay Lyn Chase

    Another idea that a friend of mine made me aware of is not only can you borrow books from the library but you can also borrow e-books and audio books for free from your local library system. I’m reading “The Girl that Played with Fire” on my Ipad that would have cost $9.99 in a download from Amazon. You don’t have to own a Nook or iPad but it helps!

  54. aearthr

    How inspiring!
    I will start from 1. Read the archives of your favorite blogs
    Another thing that will make me and people around me happy 14. Make gifts! 56. Be anonymously nice

  55. Sharna

    Great list!
    One idea I’ll add is to have some fun playing a free on-line game. There are tons of game sites that let you play either a completely free game (often with ads) or 1 hour free demo of a paid game. Big Fish Games is my favorite. Alternatively, there are MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) games that are free to play, if you’re into more of the immersive world of role-playing games. Neverwinter is the newest of these, and worth checking out.

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  57. Amelia

    Love them! Great when you’re living on next to nothing but need to do something with your day other than browse tumblr and watch supernatural. Having a social life is so difficult when you have no money but these ideas are wonderful.

    1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

      i’m so glad they’re helpful ideas. i tried to make sure they were all original and not too “out there” or unattainable. if you think of any (or come up with any) that should be added to the list let me know :)

  58. Patricia

    All of your links seem to point to andthenSHEsaved.com, which doesn’t exist any more.

    I sure hope you’re still around!

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  62. Mary

    I love your blog full of ideas on how to keep over spending in check. My aha moment was when I found myself donating large bags of useless stuff I purchased and then donated to Purple Heart. Every time they called I had a large garbage bag full. Now before I purchase anything I think about this bag of stuff !

  63. grace

    AWESOME list!! Can’t wait to try some of this stuff out. It sounds like when I go on a spending fast, I’ll have alot more free time. :) Being at home isn’t so bad- I could potentially get LOADS of stuff done!

    1. Caroline

      Good ideas, nice that you share them with other people.
      My husband and I live rather frugal, so we are allways on the lookout for new idea’s.
      We make some of our own furniture, clothes, grow vegetables,…
      Some ideas from our household: our local library has dvd’s you can lend for free. On rainy days we pop some corn, close the curtains and watch a dvd.
      Or we play a boardgame (my favourite is cluedo).

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  65. Sarah

    I go window shopping and don’t take any money. If I am thinking about new clothes, I try on and then later take my husband back and see what he thinks. Then I save for it. Window shopping without money is good exercise (especially if you are walking to and from the store. Also a good way to get out of the house and have a change of scenery.

  66. Suzanne

    What a fantastic list! I especially love taking a picture every hour. I might do this with my nieces this summer. They will use any excuse to play with my camera!

  67. rita

    you can either read a book or magazine in your local library, or paint your nails at home both activities are my stress reliever and also I make some cash by participating in community yard sales!

  68. Angela

    Thanks for the list. These are things I usually do but sometimes I feel as if I should be doing more. Thanks for confirming that I’m not alone as I sit in my fort watching Netflix. ;)

      1. SavvyMama

        Hi Anna – as usual – fantastic list. One thing you can do – is get a part time gig doing something you love. For example – I love meeting new people and driving – so to stop spending money – I became a Lyft and Uber driver. I made money, met new people, got to know the city even better !

  69. CB

    So not saying anything negative because at least it is creative but at a certain point in every one of these ideas except for maybe 10….YOU Still Have To Spend Money… Just saying.

    1. maria

      you can drow do paintins its very rewarding when you are done. do your nails write poetry look in you pictures of you school mate or child hood. maria 56

  70. Maria Clark

    Thank alot for sharing great ideas to do when bored. It is really helpful but there are different other things you can do when you are bored such as reading funny jokes, motivating yourself by reading inspiring quotes of great minds, solve tricky and logical puzzles and questions and watch interesting videos. Here is the website I like when I am bored http://funthingstodowhenbored.com which is worth to check out.

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  72. Stefano

    I was just on the net one day and it was raining. I then thought to myself; “what can a 18 yeard old like me do for fun without spending any money?” And so I did some searching until I find this awesome website. I tough that the person who made this website also must be awesome. And yeah. It’s true. You’re very smart. I would’ve love to merry a lady like you. Thank you for sharing this Anna. It’s very helpful. I already started doing a vew. I think camping in my backyard would be a great idea.

  73. Hazel

    Hi Anna,
    Thank you for the blog, it is positive and helpful, just what I need to assert myself.
    There is something soul satisfying about entertaining myself and others for free as apposed to buying it.
    In turn I feel grateful.
    In the morning I am walking 4 miles there and back to a car boot sale, getting the exercise and people interaction I enjoy.
    Onward and up.
    Many thanks.
    Kind regards,

  74. Carmen

    Aww, cute list!! :) Yes, there are many things to do that don’t involve spending money. unfortunately it is still my auto pilot response to find myself shopping online when I’m bored… :/ Must. Break. Habits. :)

  75. bed and breakfast Newtonmore Scotland

    You’re so awesome! I don’t think I have read
    a single thing like that before. So wonderful to find another person with some original thoughts on this topic.
    Really.. thanks for starting this up. This web site is something that’s
    needed on the internet, someone with a bit of originality!

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  79. Still Learning

    There are a ton of things we can do to get out of the house and have fun without spending money. How about just a nice walk with your dog or your spouse? Doesn’t cost a dime and it feels great.

  80. Isabel

    I have no money and no way of transportation because I am 13 so this wasn’t very helpful for me and my friend lmao.

    1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

      Thank you for reading our post, Isabel. Most of these ideas do not need you to drive a car! Make a new list of brainstorming with your friends. There isso much more.
      Have a fun weekend!

  81. JJ

    Hi. I’m leaning a lot toward trying most of your ideas. One thing I can do, which nobody thought of, is help with Bingo in the nursing home nearby. The worker there told me I come down any time & help a resident do his/her cards. I know two of them who can use a hand.
    I must say, however, that at least where I live, dumpster-diving is illegal on private property unless with owner permission.


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