The Stars Collided (How to Do What You Want Without Spending Money)

Chelsea Handler Book Signing Tattered Cover Denver

Remember this post where I professed my un-dying love for Mizz Chelsea Lately? Turns out that the same day she was in town for her comedy show she was also doing a book signing at the super great Tattered Cover in Lower Downtown Denver!

I stumbled across the ad for the book signing two days before it was set to happen. I was overjoyed at the chance to meet her and then suddenly realized that she probably wouldn’t sign a library book and besides, I’m still #46 on the hold list at the library for it.

I knew I was going to get in line, and early, book or no book but that’s all I knew. I started thinking of all sorts of ways that I could meet her without actually purchasing a book since the Spending Fast prohibited that. Prohibited. ugh. that sounds terrible. Like it is.

Here were my top options:

  • Buy a book, have her sign it but not necessarily to anyone and then just return the book like it just so happened to be an autographed copy
  • Pick up a copy, have her sign it and then set it back on the shelf before I left, no purchase needed

Both snakey moves and both moves I wasn’t feeling because of their inherent snakiness. I don’t want to be a thief or do shady stuff because of the Spending Fast. I just don’t want to spend any money you know. I want to enjoy my life, the people in it, have fun but ehh… for free. A big task there.

I started asking my different book loving buds if they had her new book or were planning on buying her new book and then if so if I could get it for them and have her sign it to them not to me. Hey, I just wanted to meet her. Plus, I’m totally cool with library books. Nothing smells quite like a library book. With it’s musky plastic cover it just begs for love and I, for one, am willing to give it.

A friend of mine (hi ty!) decided that she didn’t want the book but she would buy the book for me as an early birthday present… my birthday is at the end of August (!). Knowing I wouldn’t be able to reciprocate a $25.99 6 month early birthday gift I declined and told her “Ehh, that’s too much…” She beyond insisted and well, I took her up on it and I’m gonna figure out something for her for her upcoming birthday.               

I got in line at 12:00 and the tickets weren’t being given out until 2:30 and the actual signing wasn’t set to start until 3:30. So, I was in line for 3 1/2 hours to meet Chelsea Handler. I was #6 in line and as you can see in the above cell phone photo I was lucky enough to nab a chair and I was also lucky enough to be near a flaming stereotypical homosexual man. We became fast friends and I was close enough to witness his booty bumpin, bead giving, picture taking and loud enthusiastic talking for almost a whole 3 hours. When I 1st met him his name was Preston and then by the end of the day it was Jeremy. Who knows what his name really was and I guess it doesn’t really matter.

Preston/Jeremy and Chelsea made for a great Saturday and I can still hardly believe it really happened.

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