The Nate Berkus Show! October 14th!

Anna Newell Jones on The Nate Berkus Show

I’ve been waiting to tell you all about this since August!!

I’m going to be on The Nate Berkus Show!

The episode is all about Downsizing. Downsizing debt (what I’ll be talking about), downsizing your weight, your wardrobe and your problems. What a great episode to be a part of!

The episode will be airing on Friday, October 14th. Here’s a handy show time finder to see the air time in your city.

I’m so excited I will probably pop. Glitter and unicorn’s breath will likely explode out of me right here on my keyboard. It was completely surreal to sit with Nate Berkus surrounded by his brightly dressed audience, look into those eyes (see below… nice eyes, right!), respect the caliber of wave in his hair and glance at his sock-less ankles while telling him all about my Spending Fast.

They flew my mom and I out to New York City (they wanted to get my mom’s perspective on things) and my twin sister Kelly came along to cheer us on. She was our official groupie/work-horse and I had her go make me a copy of my Printable Decision Card because I needed it I could. She loved every minute of it. If she tells you otherwise don’t believe her.

Since she wanted to save some money too she decided she would share a bed with me during our stay. In case you’re wondering, one way to stay down to earth when you’re going to be on a TV show is to share a full size bed with your sister. It was like we were in the womb all over again and it was my mom’s 132nd trimester- the New York version.

My mom did a great job and was the epitome of calm and well-spoken. Another guest on the show was financial expert Farnoosh Torabi. She was genuine and sincerely supportive of what I did, am doing, and how I’m trying to spread the word on how to become debt-free through the Spending Fast.

It’s good stuff! And, October 14th is the date to remember.


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  1. Rich

    Huge congratulations! You do look cute and happy. New York is fun; to visit. Man, I bet you had no idea how exciting your life was going to get when you started all of this. What a wonderful adventure!

    Now you have to promise something. Don't go getting all Kate Gosselin on us. One of the things that I like about your site is how honest and down to earth you seem. Please don't ever lose that. Fame really seems to warp many people.

  2. Serendipity

    AAAAA!!!!! I love Nate! Can't wait to watch you on there, how exciting! You are seriously giving out good karma vibes, so many neat things are happening for you! Good job! :)


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