How To Trick Yourself Into Liking Off-Brand Foods

how to trick yourself into liking generic brands

Something that has been helping me with buying the off-brand versions of foods at the grocery store is to put the generic version of the item in the old name brand package.

Like this for example:

Say you buy some Kroger oats (this is our local grocery store King Soopers generic brand) just go ahead and pour those generic oats into the Quaker oats container. Then when that white-haired Quaker fellow is staring at ya from the cupboard it doesn’t feel nearly as painful to eat those oats. At least for me. Plus oats are cheap! Even better.

Here’s another example for you: when you run out of your fancy coffee shop coffee go ahead and fill up that 1/2 lb bag with Folgers or whatever inexpensive coffee you have around and it instantly tastes better!

The power of suggestion really does seem to have magical powers.

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  1. Cereal Eater

    Do you think the same tactic will work for Fruity Pebbles’s counterpart, Fruity Gems? Maybe I will try this.

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