Beyond Obsessed with These Free Internet Radio Stations

vintage music record dance party

vintage music pooped people record cover

How great are these vintage record covers? Music for pooped people? ;) I wonder what that sounds like…

I love that free internet radio exists. I get so sick of the music that I own so it’s awesome to be able to listen to music that I don’t normally have access to.

My “go-to” used to always be the Miike Snow station on Pandora and I would mix it up with the Indie Dance radio station. But then, then a whole new world got opened up when I asked Twitter folks what their favorite free radio stations were. I was thinking they would all say different Pandora stations, but nope it was mostly recommendations for and whoa. Just whoa. If you’re not familiar with Songza you’ve got to get acquainted…

You can chose a playlist based on the time of day and your activity, your mood, a certain genre, or a decade. It’s so cool.

These are my current favorite Songza stations:

  • Mambo Tropicana – It reminds me of eating dinner at a hostel that’s nestled into a lush country side
  • Code Your Face Off – I listen to this one when I need to get pumped up and bust out a lot of photo edits
  • Vintage Rock Instrumentals – Since there are no lyrics (or almost none) it’s a great station for writing to because it’s less distracting
  • The Cookout: Summer Rap Hits – My sister Kelly introduced me to this station. She put it on in the hotel room after my little bros Vegas wedding and it was perfect for feeling a little badass.
  • Coffee Shop Indie – This is another great station to work to. Chill and recognizable music.
  • 60s French Pop – This playlist makes me feel all sorts of international and worldly even if I’m just sitting in my 1 bedroom apartment staring at the computer screen, overhearing my upstairs neighbors, and listening to the city bus noisily drive by my windows.

vintage music record cover beauty shop beat the clark sisters

vintage music cha cha cha record cover

vintage music record cover wes anderson pendelton

Doesn’t this guy look like he’s straight out of a Wes Anderson movie; complete with a Pendelton jacket, boots, and a beanie.


What are the best free internet radio stations that you know of? You know I want to know all about them.
(images via x-ray delta one)

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