The 1st Ever And Then We Saved Clothing Swap!

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The other day I was telling you all about how I wanted to go shopping. Like, real bad. Remember this post? Well, guess what? Consider that shopping energy channeled!

A Clothing Swap has been activated!

I wracked my brain thinking of a friend who had an apartment community room or large living room and I realized I just couldn’t think of the perfect place. I sent out a post on Facebook looking for a someone who could volunteer their space/house/community room and guess who responded?! None other than the amazing Tran Wills (a stylish woman in town who is well-known for doing great things with great style.) I really feel lucky that she offered up her gallery space Super Ordinary for the 1st ever swap! 

Having the clothing swap happen is so exciting because this is the Spending Fast IN ACTION. This is what we’ve been talking about! Reducing, re-using and wearing stuff out! One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. There is no reason to spend money on new clothes this season. You’ll get to trade in the stuff you’re sick of and you’ll get to take home some things that are new to you and it won’t cost you a cent. Keep that money in those pockets and use it to pay off your debt.
I have a feeling it is going to be straight up A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! If you’re a lady in Denver YOU ARE INVITED!
When and Where
  • Saturday, November 12th from 7 to 9 pm
  • It will be held at Super Ordinary, 3126 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80205. (The actual swap will start at 7:30pm on the dot. Please get there at 7pm so we have enough time to set out your items before the swapping starts)
The Details
  • Bring 10 clean women’s clothing items (no shoes or accessories) and then you get to take home 10 items. (sorry guys, this swap is for women only)
  • Bring GOOD things that you would give to your sister or best friend after you’ve gotten sick of them (don’t bring crap)
  • Bring things that you’ll be okay with parting with as it will be an honor system swapping method
  • At 9pm all of the items that have not been swapped can either be taken back by the original owner or can be left for donation to SafeHouse Denver (a women’s domestic violence shelter)
  • Photobooth fun will be provided by Newell Jones + Jones Photography

I hope you can make it!

P.S. Looking to declutter and minimize? CLICK HERE to learn about the Fearless Minimalist Guide


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  1. Kat

    I'm having a clothing swap this weekend! Though it is only between my good friends over wine and appetizers – still going to be a great time!


  2. Fatima

    Um, i think i have a millionaire idea for you. Just like backpage and craigslist, you should work on a site for swaps ( or People would totally use it and love it i'm sure. As long as no psycho killers take part in it haha.

    Saw u on Clark Howard, been following you since then. And yes, i took my tops backs. ALL. OF. THEM. (reference ur previous post about the boots u wanted to get and ur swap idea). And boy does it feel good.


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