The 11 Best Anti-Consumption Shows on Netflix That You MUST Watch

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You’re reading this because you are tired of being complacent about the world you live in, right? Keep reading, this might help. These 11 shows on Netflix feature a strong non-materialistic, anti-consumerism message. Each points to getting more out of life than the commercialism that is usually marketed to us. The inspirational Netflix production streams available now are a great way to refocus on your goals of financial freedom..

MINIMALISM: A Documentary About the Important Things (Documentary)

Our contemporary society is not only prone, but driven to accumulating more material possessions. Along with that drive comes debt, clutter hopelessness and chaos. We are literally consumers not just of products but of more food than we need. Our consumerism drives our diet more than our appetites, or our own self interest. Online marketing, radio, TV, and magazines fuel these habits and keep the cycle going. We just can’t help ourselves other than indulge the destruction and noise.

If this describes your current existence, then you need to watch “Minimalism”. This inspirational Netflix production is a mind-opening documentary that tests the common values we hold true. In evaluating our connections to possessions, it shows you how little you need and supports a minimalist lifestyle.

TIDYING UP with Marie Kondo (Series)

Psychologists suggest that clutter can mean more than the mess you can see. In fact, those who are garden-variety clutterbugs tend to turn physical objects into comforting talismans. These either connect them to better times in their lives or have underlying psychological meaning.

Also known as Konmari, Marie Kondo is an organization expert and author of 4 books. She has helped thousands of families to clean up their cluttered lives by imparting her tidying lessons up them. Although of us can’t afford Kondo’s services, we can still learn from her approach. Thanks to Netflix, you can now watch and learn everything on tidying up by following this link. The series inspires you to reach the nirvana of housekeeping and keep up with the demands of daily life. Never have to clean again, as Kondo would mildly put it.

THE TRUE COST (Documentary)

This documentary was created by filmmaker Andrew Morgan. It’s an inspirational Netflix production that gives a 360-degree perspective on the fashion industry. It reveals insight into where our clothes come from and what goes on behind the scenes. It’s a tearjerker that takes you through dark sweatshops in Bangladesh, India, and Cambodia. It shows you how developed countries outsource most of their garment manufacturing to countries who offer cheap labor.

The documentary delves deeper into the ‘use & throw’ model of fast fashion and the ripple effect among consumers. Check out “The True Cost” and it is sure to make you think twice before going on a shopping spree.


While this documentary series is marred from controversy, it’s a good watch; because it examines the modern-day desire for youth by using products, diets, etc. The Timothy Caulfield 2017 Canadian series consist of a detox episode that tells you how your body is full of toxins and the numerous ways you can get rid of them.

Apparently, anything from soaking your feet in a saltwater bath connected to electrodes, to using medical procedures and medications can rid your body of toxin. Even jumping on a trampoline is a method as it allegedly opens and shuts the valves in your lymphatic system.

The use of cleansing and detox practices are back with more vigor than ever before. People are spending thousands of dollars into anything that will help them rid the body of toxic substances that supposedly cause health problems such as cancer, heart disease, fatigue, weight gain, tummy problems, and skin problems.

Even though the surge in health-consciousness is at an all-time high, check out “The True Cost” on Netflix. Judge for yourself whether such extreme practices are safe and conclusively supported by research. It is also important to first get an all-clear from your doctor, before attempting any of the detox methods you will watch.

HOW TO LIVE MORTGAGE FREE with Sarah Beeny (Series)

Can you imagine owning property and not having to pay a mortgage? Whether you aspire to be a homeowner, or you find your self bogged town by debt, the prospect of living mortgage free is enticing and inspiring. In How to Live Mortgage Free… real estate expert Sarah Beeny takes time each episode to meet with a different property owner, who doesn’t have a mortgage payment. The six episode series features colorful and creative solutions to living in debt. Sarah meets with people who have repurposed Buses, storage containers and more into livable homes.


Expedition Happiness predicates its thesis on our inalienable rights, per the Declaration of Independence. Invoking this powerful document, Expedition Happiness is about a couple who drive a school bus that’s converted into a home and now travel the country. The expedition from Alaska to Mexico is full of searching and discovery. viewers reacted with mixed reviews, but the lack of commercialism in this film is refreshing.


Quincy Jones narrates this inspirational Netflix production which features popular black artists is all about an urban health movement that turns the search for happiness inward and away from materialism. With a focus on healthy living and mindfulness, this documentary shines light on a growing way of life that rejects consumerism in favor of a philosophy that promotes healthy diet, exercise, and meditation.

A NEW ECONOMY (Documentary)

This inspirational Netflix production is a documentary that follows a set of unorthodox companies in pursuit of a new more people centered way to drive business. Several companies in Canada go through trials and growing pains as they attempt to reach sustainable proportions. All the while they remain faithful to their ideals of valuing people over the bottom line and making business decisions that up hold their principles, rather than their profits. This film is a hopeful look at what is possible when you stick to your values even if they are not the popular wisdom in your field.


Black Mirror is not inspirational so much as it is sardonic and acerbic. The dark science fiction series warns you in the title. Its aim is to reflect a dark world. in doing so, it brings to light the worst tendencies of humanity. S01 E02 is an especially pointed look at the hopelessness of consumerism and our willingness to cooperate with injustice in spite of ourselves.

In the episode Fifteen Million Merits, people ride stationary bikes that generate electricity in order to earn merits. Although merits are currency, the show constantly portrays a buyer beware sensibility. With twist after twist, the characters never fully learn their lesson, yet you the viewer are left stunned by the inevitable outcome of such a deranged morality.


Dirty Money is a documentary series meant to expose corporate corruption and greed. each episode deals with some major case of deception, fraud, or shady dealings that go unnoticed by the general public. The 6 episode series aims to disillusion consumers more than anything. By shedding light on behind the scenes scams by trusted companies, dirty money makes you think a little bit more about where your money goes when you spend it, and what it is used for.

Consumers don’t merely vote with their dollars. They fund power. when greediness and fraud are exposed, its the money of the consumers that always drives it and leads to more corruption.

THE PATRIOT ACT with Hasan Minhaj (Series)

This series hosted by comedian Hasan Minhaj is an unflinching look at scandal and underhanded schemes that go on all over the world, and particularly as they pertain to India. The political and topical talk show features interviews and Hasan’s own unique perspective on world events.

Season 1; Episode 3 on Amazon, and Season 2; Episode 3 on Student Loans are particularly worth watching if you really want to get turned off of consumerism and adopt a more minimalist approach to living.

Did we leave off any other important anti-consumption documentaries, shows, or inspirational Netflix production that you’ve loved or that have flipped how you view consumption? If so, tell us below!

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