Swapping Online – You In?

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I love, love, love when people send me emails about great sites they find to help with frugal living. If there is something useful out there to help facilitate a debt-free life I am all about it! So send them my way.

Here are some great sites that just so happen to be about online swapping!

  • Borrow and lend from (and to) your neighbors rather than buying items new at Neighbor Goods
  • Similar to Neighbor Goods, Snap Goods allows you to rent, borrow, and lend within your very own community.
  • Swap is always great and is a simple platform for swapping your media possessions, from books to DVD’s to vinyl.
  • Are you a fan of re-gifting too (my re-gift bag got revealed here… eek)? Gift Flow lets you swap gifts that you don’t want for ones that you do. Um, sweet.
  • Swap Tom is a site that is all about swapping baby and kids clothes. I can only imagine this would be especially useful since youngin’s grow so fast.

Thanks to Seth, Kelly, and Aaron for the great swapping links! 


Have you ever swapped items online? If so, do you have any tips? Do you know of any great swapping sites that aren’t listed above?

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  1. Aubrey

    I love Paperbackswap.com for books! I've never had a bad experience. Can't always get rare or new books, but it's great for mass market paperbacks!

  2. Charles

    Personally I love barterquest.com. The benefit there is the fact that you cannot only trade goods but also services and real estate. That's very convenient as I'm a student and don't have a lot of interesting items to offer, but I can always do some gardening or dog walking or babysitting.


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