Swap Updates and Swapping FAQ’s Answered

the last swap. don’t bring clothes to this weekend’s swap, just accessories;)

It’s hard to believe that the Accessories Swap (another link here) is already happening tomorrow!

Handbags.com and I have been working hard on prepping the event to make it a success. We’ve noticed and have heard from past swapping events that everyone seems to want things to be very fair so that has been our primary focus (along with making it a lot of fun!;).

I wanted to let you know of a couple of the things we’re doing to try to ensure the fairness of the swap and to make it a quality event for everyone.

  • Inspectors This one is all about quality control! No one wants to bring in a pair of $100 amazing shoes and only have broken earrings to choose from.
  • No one will be allowed in the swapping area before the actual swap begins We want everyone to have the same shot at getting those most desirable items so we’re keeping the swapping area separate from the attendees. This way no one can scope out the best of the best items before everyone else.

A few other quick notes/updates


Social tags Use hashtag #303Swap on Twitter and Instagram. Also @andthenwesaved and @handbagsdotcom puh-lease;)

Entry Fee Just a reminder that entry fee is $5 CASH. We’ll have limited change on hand so if you can bring the exact amount that will be super helpful. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to SafeHouse Denver so you’re helping a good cause too.

Parking The first 100 people who arrive at the swap will receive a free parking voucher at our check-in table. Be sure to park in The Curtis hotel parking garage. Also, here is a link to directions to the hotel if you need them.

Giveaway Bags Handbags.com will be giving away 3 Big Buddha bags to 3 lucky winners! They’re all valued at approximately $100 and I’ve gotten to see a sneak peek of them and I want them all. They’re all really cute! The winners will be announced at 9pm and you must be present to win. To enter the contest go to the handbag design area and submit an entry (there will be more details at that station;)

Items Bring great items that you would give to your best friend or sister after you’ve gotten sick it. Also, only bring items that you’re ready to part with.

Make a night of it The Corner Office is a bar and restaurant attached to The Curtis Hotel.

Drinks The bar in the swap will have beer and wine. The first 50 people at the swap will receive 1 free drink voucher.

The swap will be in the Peek-a-boo room within The Curtis Hotel. Ask any of the hotel staff if you have trouble finding it. We will also have signs directing you to the swap.

Name tags Everyone who is working the event will have a name tag so just ask one of those people if you have a question about anything.

Restrooms When you get off of the elevator the restrooms will be to your right.

the last swap. don’t bring clothes to this weekend’s swap, just accessories;) Some FAQ’s

  • “What if I bring more than 10 items?” Feel free to bring more than 10 items (especially if you’re questioning if some of them will be accepted). If you bring more than 10 then you can still only take the max of 10 items. For example, say you bring 13 items and all 13 are accepted you’ll still only be able to take 10 items and not 13 items. If you want to include the 3 extra items in the swap that’s up to you, but you don’t have to. All of the items that are still left at the end of the night will be donated to SafeHouse Denver so the extra items will go to a good cause.
  • “What items will be accepted?” We want everyone to have great items to choose from so if you’re not sure about a certain item you can bring it and just see if it’s accepted. There’s no harm in that and please, don’t take it personally if an item isn’t accepted. It has nothing to do with your awesomeness;)
  • “What if I don’t have 10 items to bring?” If you only have 6 items, just bring 6 and then the max amount of items you can take will be 6 (or whatever number of items get accepted).
  • “How does this work? How does the actual swapping happen? So, do I stand next to my items?” When you arrive you’ll check-in and then you’ll be directed to the inspectors table. The inspectors will tell you how many items are accepted and will give you a little tag with the number on it. That’s the max amount of items you can take. Your accepted items will then be taken by another person and will be organized by item type. Shoes with shoes, earrings with earrings, etc. We’ll make an announcement a little before 7:30 and then after the announcement/welcome the swapping will begin! Everyone will be able to enter the swap area and the exact same time. You won’t be able to stand next to your items since they will already be pre-sorted and will be in various spots throughout the swapping area.
  • “Will someone be checking to make sure we each only take the the right amount of items?” The swap is based on the honor system. We trust that everyone who attends will want it to be a fair and honest event.
  • “How can I see the photobooth photos?” The photobooth images will be at: proofing.newelljonesandjones.com you’ll be able to view all of the photobooth images 3-4 days from the date of the event and you can also purchase the prints online and they’ll be mailed directly to you.
  • “Can only women go?” Men are more than welcome to attend but there won’t be many (if any) men’s accessories. If men do happen to have women’s accessories they’re welcome to attend and swap if they want. Also, there will be lots of other fun things to do so men are welcome to come and hang out and attend the event too. We’ll have cupcakes, a DJ, photobooth, a bar… lots of fun stuff. No one is excluded!
  • “What’s the price range of the items that I can/should bring to swap?” People will bring items that range from $5 bucks to over a $100 bucks. You can bring any item that is in great shape and is awesome, regardless of the price of the item. Again, just be ready to part with the item.
  • “What happens at the end of the night?” At the end of the night (9pm) you’re welcome to take any of the items you brought that haven’t been swapped. The items that are left will be donated to SafeHouse Denver.

Also, The Denver Post wrote an article about the upcoming swap! How great is that!!?


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  1. Anna Newell Jones

    So glad you'll be there Ashley! I know there are a lot of questions that come up with swapping; tried to think of all the ones I've been asked:)


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