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And Then We Saved is on blazin’ hot!

Last month page views topped 49,105 IN 1 DAY!

With monthly page views reaching OVER HALF A MILLION! (say what!? so awesome!)

I’m so happy to offer advertising on And Then We Saved! My blog is a personal blog about my personal journey out of debt and since money touches every area of life and many different aspects of life my blog appeals to a lot of different people.

And Then We Saved readers are smart, pro-active and motivated. Readers are primarily college educated women between the ages of 25 – 34. This is one of the most powerful and influential groups of people out there! (It’s exciting!)

And Then We Saved has been featured on CNNMoney, Clark Howard, Yahoo, Business Pundit and a whole bunch of other places. Readership is high and is expected to reach even higher levels.

Big things are in the works! I can’t wait to tell you ALL about them!

Send me an email at hello@andthenwesaved.com for more info and to support And Then We Saved.


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