Sarah’s Spending Fast Update: Feeling Like a Mad Scientist

Spending Fast Update: Feeling Like a Mad Scientist

Hey guys! How was your August? Did you stay on track? Did you make some serious dents in your debts? I felt like I blinked and August was gone. School started back up, both jobs picked up, and I felt like I had missed a lot of life lately. In the middle of that, I had a few trips to the urgent care (all is well now), doctor’s appointments, and a pretty major car repair. Ugh. I get that it is part of life. I’m just not a fan of anything that hinders my goals. :( #TypeA


Alright, let’s see how I did:

Credit Cards/Personal: $2,064.34 (down from $4,998.93)
Medical: $3,299.20 (down from $4,521.62)
Student Loans: $25,299.26 (down from $26,000.56)


Wait, what? Even with all that I had going on, I still paid off $1,171.71?! Color me impressed! I have been getting…creative…so I guess it’s working. What do I mean by that? Well, some days, I feel like a mad scientist; mixing a little bit of this, adding a handful of that and screaming, “Live, dammit!” at my creation. Then watching it come to life while I’m cackling in the background like I just cracked the code of life or something. Sometimes it’s a homemade toy I’m whipping up for my youngest to play with; other times it’s downloading a coupon for a free meal. :) Regardless, I’m approaching things completely different now. If I can save money, I’ll do it. If I can save time or energy, I’ll do it. If I hit the trifecta, I get pretty giddy. My poor friends have heard me, over and over, getting hyped up over things such as buying one of my favorite childhood movies used for $7.50 versus brand new for $40. Yeah. That happened.

In the midst of all that this month, I’ve learned I needed to increase my grocery budget. I’ve gone over budget for groceries the last few months. It’s just a reality I need to face. For a family of four with some dietary restrictions, I’m testing the waters with adding another $100. I’m hoping this will be sufficient. That’s my experiment for this month — stay within budget and get creative!

So, if you recall, I wanted to pay off my last high-interest debt. I didn’t get it paid off but I’m REALLY CLOSE. As in “only a couple hundred dollars” close. I wanna cinch up the belt and make it happen!

How about you? Are you close to paying off a debtor? Are you giving yourself internal high-fives for getting a “buy one, get one” coupon from Qdoba? Are you making coffee (or tea, in my case) at home versus shelling out $5? You’re doing GREAT! Keep it up! :)


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