Jenn’s Spending Fast Update

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Below is Jenn’s Spending Fast Update. See all the Spending Faster’s Updates here. – Anna

SF update: Months 5 and 6 (March and April)

These last two months have really hit home with me. My Spending Fast now seems to be more about growing my income than actually being on a Spending Fast. I’ve tried to keep my spending habits in check like everyone else, and I continue to try to make smart money choices. Ever since I’ve been in debt I’ve had to get used to a lifestyle where I pay my bills, put food on the table, and then I have a tiny amount of money left to divide into those items and services that aren’t basic living necessities but they need attention and money thrown at them every once in awhile (i.e. new underwear, oil changes, pet supplies, contacts, you know, the adult stuff).

Hence, I am dedicating MY Spending Fast Year to the Year of Making More Dough. I’m doing whatever it takes to make more money. This is what I’ve been doing to make more money: I decided to sign up for an online site called SkillShare where I can continue educate myself on my industry. I’ve also started picking up industry-related magazines to keep up with trends. I’m offering a service freebie to foster some potential client relationships, and I’m in the process of developing new branding for myself. I’ve decided to complete some deadlines for a SquareSpace website and I’ve developed some postcards to send to agencies.


I did stay on schedule money-wise for paying on my cards! In March, I paid the remaining $425 to one of my credit cards and IT IS OFFICIALLY PAID OFF!

In April, I paid the goal amount of $500 to my last credit card! I have five more scheduled payments of $500 to pay off that card. I will aim for more each month, but I have budgeted to pay a minimum of $500 every month.

Total Spending Fast Savings for March/April: $925!


What are you finding about your Spending Fast that you weren’t expecting? I want to hear from you!

P.S. Ready to get out of debt ASAP? Check out the Spending Fast Bootcamp!


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