Mandi’s Spending Fast Update: Overcoming Setbacks

Spending Fast Update: Overcoming Setbacks |

I officially finished the first month of my Spending Fast. Did I spend no money for an entire month? No, actually.

When a friend I hadn’t seen in a while called me to ask if I wanted to get coffee in our local park, I said yes. I was too embarrassed to say no because I didn’t want to spend any money. However, instead of getting coffee and cake, as per usual, I ordered just a coffee and brought a cake for us to share. $3

Another friend invited me to visit for the weekend, which would have been completely free, except that one of my tires went flat and had to be replaced. Then I bought myself a sympathy Starbucks en route and ended up getting lost and taking a toll road. $97.43

I got a much-needed eye test and needed to buy glasses and contact lenses. $120

The month had some really positive parts as well. I invited friends ‘round to have a beer in my garden rather than going to the pub, and we enjoyed the few sunny days England blesses us with. I didn’t visit Starbucks again – although Lord knows I wanted to. I stuck to my grocery budget, and made meals from what was left in my cupboards, rather than going over-budget during the last week of the month – this led to some very interesting meals. I went to the gym more often to get the most value for my gym membership. I was able to pay for my flat tire out of my savings and didn’t need to charge it to a credit card.

At the end of my first month, I felt a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to pay off more debt and that I did, in fact, spend money on my Spending Fast. The first month of my last Spending Fast was more successful, and I can’t help but compare the two. I wasn’t surprised by my cravings for Starbucks – those I remember well! However, I did conquer all of them but one and put that money toward my student loans instead, which was well worth it. Luckily, I make a really good iced coffee. Next month I hope to pay off more of my student loans and to be more open with my friends about what I can and can’t afford to do until I pay those off.

Despite all of June’s unforeseen expenditures, I managed to overpay on my student loans by $555, paying off a total of $1,005.11 this month! If that’s a bad month, I am very much looking forward to seeing what I can do when I don’t have all of these unexpected expenses come up!


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  1. Carl @ MoneyMow

    Great job on paying that much back, Mandi!

    I know exactly how you feel with those setbacks. I just came out of a few bad months’ of savings and are now saving a good deal again. The bad months have served as a great motivation and good learnings for the future!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Erin

    I can so relate to this!! I was on the fastback of saving a lot of money and built my account up nicely…until working so hard caused a stress-related health issue. I’ve now spent over $500 in the last six weeks in unplanned health expenses for lab tests and treatment. I was very discouraged, until I realized this is what my savings account is for in the first place. With the right perspective, I feel grateful that I have an emergency account and my health is already improving. Thank you for your encouraging story! :)


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