Sarah’s Spending Fast Update: A New Round

Hey guys! How are things? I’m doing pretty good. I’m starting to really feel like my goals are obtainable, instead of some far-off, “I wish I may, I wish I might” dream.

And why do I feel like I can reach them? Because I paid off my car this week!

That’s right. I’m done making car payments. God, that feels so good to say. As you can tell, I’m pretty proud of myself. I’m not sure why it’s hitting me just now. Maybe it’s because it’s a car versus a credit card. When it’s a credit card, you can’t necessarily point to a tangible object and say, “You’re the reason I’m in debt!”, unless you have used it on a big-ticket item. A car is different. Regardless, I think it’s starting to “feel real,” if that makes any sense.

Anyway, this is my first full month without a large chunk of my pay (seasonal work, remember?). So, let’s see how I did:

  • Credit Cards/Personal: $199 (down from $4,998.93)
  • Medical: $2,317.19 (down from $4,521.62)
  • Student Loans: $24,930.24 (down from $26,000.56)

Okay. So, the first thing I noticed is my student loan went UP about $50, which is a pain in the ass because I OBVIOUSLY haven’t been “using” it. Grrr. I feel as though interest rates are debt’s way of fighting dirty. I guess that’s just another reason to pay it off! Good riddance, right?!

But! I did pay off $490.64! That’s $500 I was spending months ago on God-knows-what. So, I’m still making progress. I’m still throwing punches and taking names! This is definitely a new round in the ring.

It feels as though I’m moving more slowly. But. I’m. Still. Here.

I’m determined to walk out of this like a champion!  Stay in the fight with me! We’re gonna win!


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4 thoughts on “Sarah’s Spending Fast Update: A New Round

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  1. Mrs. Picky Pincher

    Woop woop! Congrats on paying off that car! It’s going to feel amazing having extra moolah in your pocketbook each month. :)

    We’re slamming down all our extra cash on student loans for the next year. My loans will be paid off in May and Mr. Picky Pincher’s should be done in early 2018. Yay!

  2. Hillary Gras

    Wow great job!!! So your interest rate went up? UGH .

    The car is huge, and such a good feeling!!!!!! Now you have to reallocate that money that you were paying towards the car.. to something else. Keep fighting!

    1. Sarah

      Thanks! Yeah, I have no idea what happened. My rates didn’t change but the amount went up. Greedy bastards. :/

      YES! Exactly! :)


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