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You’ve decided to commit to a Spending Fast. Awesome!

It’s a great feeling to knock out debt and build up your savings.

But it’s not such a great feeling to overcome buyer’s remorse when you find that you’ve bought yet ANOTHER thing that you just had to have, only to realize you didn’t really need it.

So how do you stay on track with your Spending Fast when you’re tempted to “fall off the wagon” and when life’s temptations creep up on you and start whispering those familiar sweet nothings into your ear?

Let’s talk North Star.

Let’s talk guiding principles.

Let’s talk about some core truths that will help you when you really, really want that $23 sundress from H&M, even though you already have three just like it.

And because I know I need to be reminded on the regular, I’ve had talented designer Kelsie Christensen of Kelsie Rae Design turn my 9 tried and true Spending Fast Mantras into a gorgeous printable. This way you can hang these mantra somewhere that you’ll see it everyday, and be reminded of your WHY.

Why you want to get out of debt, why you are making the sacrifices you are, and why you are doing what you have to do to get yourself out of debt. These Spending Fast Mantras are ALL ABOUT keeping you focused on your goal to live debt free.

Above you get a sneak peek into a couple of the mantras but once you signup for my mailing list, you’ll get direct access to the printable and all 9 mantras!

I use the mailing list to connect readers to all the new posts and as I launch new projects and other fun stuff those on the mailing list will be the 1st to know. So it’s pretty much a win-win if you ask me.;)

Enter your email address in the box below to get your 9 Spending Fast Mantras printable or enter it in the box at the top of the site. Either option works just is good as the other.:) xo, Anna

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  1. susan

    I am already subscribed to your mailing list, but would like to have the printable. I can’t find a link for subscribers to print or at least see the list. Please help. Thanks


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