Unplanned Circumstances Derail Spending Fast – Jennifer’s Update

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Jennifer is a Spending Faster who is sharing the process here. To catch up from the beginning read this post: Introducing a New Spending Faster!. – Anna

Due to a sudden change in roommate status, I was unable to save for my first month of the Spending Fast. My roommate decided to suddenly move out, so I had to unexpectedly cover the month’s bills. I’ll get a new start in this second month. The good news is my dear friend, Tina, has decided to live with me for the next year and a half, giving me the time I need to complete the Spending Fast.

What are some of the good and bad living situations you have encountered?

I’m sure everyone has experienced it in one-way or another. I know I have many times over! But after the Spending Fast, my hope is that it will be the end of roommates.

I’m not counting this month as a total loss, but instead as a month of changing bad habits to achieve my goals. I tackled my worst habit of buying breakfast and coffee from Starbucks EVERYDAY! I am proud of myself for this WIN.  But how did I do such a thing, you ask? It wasn’t easy. I dusted off my old single serve coffee machine and got a killer deal online of T-disc for 50 cents per cup! Who knew I could get so excited over math! Changing everyday decisions like these will help me in the long run, and is why this was my first area of concentration.

This situation is so so so similar to Anna’s breakfast burrito problems. (See: Your Habits are Making You Broke)

The next thing I need to tackle is spending money on social situations. This month I went back through my online bank entries and wrote down every entry that could have been avoided. Between social situations and spur of the moment decisions, I could have avoided spending $112.49. A movie, a pizza delivery, a sushi outing and 3 bar tabs. Those were my weak moments that I need to tackle next and avoid.

I am not perfect and these were my results for the month. Looking at this in writing, and knowing that I could have the amount of $112 as opposed to $0 saved, makes me face this reality and want to do better.

So you can catch me reading Anna’s archives this month under the categories social, societal pressures, and motivation.

Month 1: $0.00 savings

Do you have some bad habits that are affecting your financial situation?

P.S. Follow along with all the Spending Fasters.

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  1. Tyler

    My roommate makes more money than I do, and we like spending time together. This results (infrequently, but still) in social spending on my part. For example, I’ll get home from work and not feel like cooking. She will mention that she is going to go out to eat because she also doesn’t feel like cooking. Cut to me, remorsefully returning home with leftover food, and money unnecessarily out of pocket.

    1. Jennifer

      I can relate. My roommate makes more too, but if you try most of the time to stick to your routine then every once and a while its not so bad when you slip ;)

  2. Ronnica

    Habits are hard to tackle!

    I’ve found with things like eating out, it’s best for me to set a small, reasonable budget (for me it’s $40/month). This allows me to consider each purchase…is it worth it to buy this now, if I can’t buy something later? I’m not perfect, either, but it’s a goal.

    Good luck on your journey! Being debt free will be so worth it!

  3. Mrs. Frugalwoods

    It’s great that you were able to find a new roommate so quickly! And, congrats on kicking the Starbucks habit! Not sure what type of coffee you enjoy most, but, you might check out Melitta cones–they’re $3 for a reusable plastic cone. You set it over your coffee mug, insert a filter and grounds, and pour hot water over it. It’s the cheapest way to make coffee we’ve found and I think it tastes great. Just an idea for the future if you’re looking for something different. Best of luck to you this month!

    1. Jennifer

      Thanks for the tip. I mainly stick to my Tassimo machine and my roommates regular drip coffee maker, because time is super tight in my mornings. I have a hard time getting out of bed before work ;)

  4. Kathryn

    Christmas is such a hard time to stick to a budget! We always want to show people how much we care by giving them a great gift. This year we’re sticking to a Kris kringle so I have one person to buy for with a 50 dollar limit, rather then 12 people to buy for. Everyone much prefers this as out main gift is to spend Christmas day together catching up and having a good time. I find having a list with who I have to buy for, a budget for each person and at least 3 ideas that match is the best way to stay on track. So far it’s working this year! Have to agree about mindless spending when you catch up with friends though, that money adds up so fast!


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