The Spender’s Guide Book + Tiny House Nation Updates!

spenders guide to debt free living tiny house nation

There’s a lot of stuff happening these days from my book, The Spender’s Guide to Debt-Free Living, coming out to my little family being on Tiny House Nation to lots of talks and press in between and around it all!

I figured the best idea was to get it all out of my head, onto the screen, and then up into your eyeballs!

The next few months are going to be fun and busy!! Thank you for sticking with me and following along through everything! It means so much! Xo – Anna


Here We Go! The Latest Updates for The Spender’s Guide + Tiny House Nation: 

  • Today!: If you’re on a Spending Fast or Spending Diet OR if you’re prepping up to do one, join us over on Facebook in the new closed Spending Fasters #spendingfasters  group if you haven’t done so already! This group is nothing short of amazing and supportive. It’s a super great place to GET and GIVE help around all things spending/saving/debt demolishing.
  • Tonight! 4/6/16 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm MST: For the closed Spending Fasters #spendingfasters group we’ll be doing a party to get to know one another and I’ll have some surprises and a MASSIVE giveaway that you’ll definitely want to get in on. It’s insanely good, you guys.
  • The week of 4/11/16… the exact date is still TBD, but stay posted! I’ll be doing a chat with the big ol’ And Then We Saved Facebook group. Also! Tell me where you’re located and what’s the best time to do a chat on the main page! I want to be sure the majority of people can attend!
  • Saturday, 4/16/16: Our episode of Tiny House Nation airs! It’s called 200 Sq. Ft. Mobile Photo Studio! The original date was 4/30 so some of the TV Guides/DVR’s aren’t updated yet so just plan on watching the new episode of Tiny House Nation that airs on 4/16 to play it safe.;)
  • Tuesday, 4/26/16: I’ll be in New York City doing press on the day the book comes out so I’ll keep you posted as I find out what’s happening! Follow me on my social media sites (included at the end of this post) to get the quickest updates.
  • Tuesday, 5/3/16 at 7pm: I’ll be talking about my book and doing a signing at the LoDo location of Tattered Cover here in Denver! This one blows my mind since I used to work at Tattered Cover a loooonnngg time ago, and I’ve seen some of my favorite authors speak there! It’s super exciting and definitely surreal!


There will also be different magazine articles coming out and other fun press things happening. Follow along on my social media pages to be sure you’re getting the most up-to-date updates: Facebook, Closed Facebook group, Twitter, Instagram, and on Snapchat @annanewelljones


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