On Not Making Exceptions to Make the Spending Fast Easier

replace fear of the unknown with curiosity

A few posts back, I posed a question to you all in a post about possibly giving myself a “social spending allowance”. After a lot of thought, consideration, deliberation, hibernation and back and forth. I’ve decided to tough it out and not make any allowances for any sort of fun budget.

At this point I think it’s the right decision. As tough as the Spending Fast is I don’t want to buckle cause it’s getting harder. Part of doing this for an entire year is to see what I’m capable of… to face difficulties head-on and to stick to my guns and really DO THIS as shitty and as difficult as it is at times.


That’s what I’m gonna do. Deal with the difficulty and uncomfortable-ness of being out of my comfort-zone. I’m gonna stay strong and walk through the tough parts. Like my pep talk?

Thank you to all of you who left comments. A lot of them helped me to consider some different angles on the subject and that is definitely appreciated.

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