Custom Zombie Portaits

zombie custom portrait

One of the things that I did to increase my income to try to pay off my debt faster was that I came up with different things I could make to try to sell. My Etsy shop was suddenly born and any money I made and continue to make from those sales goes right to paying off my debt.

It’s cool to feel pro-active but and it’s even cooler to think of completely random stuff to create to try to sell.

Some of the ideas worked better than others. For example, I thought that maybe drawing people would be a good money-maker/BIG HIT. The only problem was that I didn’t think I could draw people very well. Like, not super realistic so I decided I would try to maximize the horribleness of my drawings and make “Ugly Portraits” of people. THAT was NOT the hit I had hoped it would be.

So, I changed them into zombie or vampire portraits of people. Still going with the whole not-cute thing but making it more relatable. I mean, really, who doesn’t love a good zombie. I mean, come on.

I bring this up because turning people, pets, babies and families into zombies or vampires for wedding/anniversary/birthday/baby shower/random/anytime gifts is never anything I would have considered doing pre-Spending Fast. Since I didn’t ever have to “go-there” I guess I never did.

Due to the Spending Fast I found (and continue to find) myself thinking of different ideas and exploring options of things I might not have previously considered. My mind has been opened in a way. I’m finding that the side-effects of The Spending Fast are varied, often un-expected and usually totally welcome.