Thankful & Grateful For So Much – My List


I’ve got a lot to be really thankful and grateful for this year!

My Gratitude List…

(in no particular order except for #1;)

1. This guy. My husband Aaron who puts up with all my wild ideas, long stories, and that perpetual string of plastic baggies that need washing and re-using.

2. My twin sister Kelly, my younger sister Christine, and bro Jim.

3. My moms pies! She’s GOOD. Really good!

4. Getting our super old juicer back from a friend to start trying out some juicing.

5. My nephew who gets me confused with my twin sister so he calls me “Mommy Anna”. I’m gonna go ahead and buy him a pony now, be right back.

6. All my nieces and nephews!

7. My boss who has taught me a lot about life simply by example. Like, how to be adaptable, humble, and stern while being kind all at the same.

8. My small, close group of girlfriends that get together on Thursday nights, and my great friend Shayla. They keep me, me.

9. The gift of being able to go part-time at my day job (so I can focus on me and my husband’s wedding photography business and on growing this blog. Such an unbelievable blessing; possible only because I got out of debt.)

10. New site design that the Freckled Nest crew nailed.

11. The silly things that kids say and do.

12. Running!

13. Baked goods!

14. Being free from the burden of debt which has given me the option to finally live autonomously.

15. Being very busy with our photography business and getting to document memories for great people.

16. Clean sheets!

17. Getting to live in a new place soon. (Not grateful for: the tediously long process of buying a foreclosure!;)

18. People who read this blog – YOU!

19. The hope for a great unknown future. Who knows what lies ahead!

20. When the bus pulls up right as I get to the stop. Just like my own personal car service (except stinky and huge).

21. Being cozy and snuggling up in a sweater.


What about you? What are you thankful for? Would love to hear…

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