So Long As You Do Not Stop

no matter how slow you go

“It does not matter how slowly you go. So long as you do not stop.”

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  1. Rich

    Getting started on this journey has definitely been a slow process. But as they say, every long journey begins with one small step. Stupid as it sounds, I console myself with the laws of physics. A body, or lifestyle, in motion, remains in motion unless acted on by an outside force. With regard to living, spending and debt, first you have to stop moving in an unhealthy direction. Then you have to move in a new direction. That takes some energy and time, and unfortunately, fighting the momentum of the life you have created. However, I am finding it is doable.

    Two months ago, our debt was $61,357. Today it is $61,112. That is slow progress for sure, but at least it's progress in the right direction. A first in many months, maybe years. And not without bumps for sure. But I am confident the savings will accelerate in the next few months.

    Satellite went off at 12:01 A.M. today. DirectTV was so anxious to keep us, they kept throwing out deals and offers, including lower priced packages. To which I replied, where were these deals when I signed up? I have to admit to being tempted. However, I know myself enough t know that it was best to elimiinate it and avoid the inevitable service/price creep. I politely told them to shut it off. They were incredulous that I was not going to have any kind of service. Which isn't exactly true. Antennas are doing just fine. Netflix and Hulu are serving us well.

    In a few weeks I'll post an update on my great grocery experiment. It's too early to know much but what i have learned so far is rather interesting. Have to go knead some dough now. Making whole wheat cranberry nut bread on this fine, fall day.


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