Confession: I Touch-Up My Shoes With a Sharpie

i'm not telling you it is going to be easy, i'm telling you it's going to be worth it

I’ve been pretty happy with my ankle-high-made-outta-faux-leather boots that I bought from a low-cost chain store about 3-ish years ago. They’ve held up well for all the use I’ve given ’em. I had bought a black pair and decided that since they were such a good set I’d buy not only 1 pair in black but another pair in dark brown and well, okay one more black pair.

This went down pre-Spending Fast… see how my brain works in it’s natural habitat?

It’s like THAT. Like, I like it. Give me more. One is not enough Dear Friend.

For $35 I have had those work shoes for the past 3 years. Not too shabby. I’ve used shoe polish to freshen them up and make them look “new” again, and then the other day I used a black sharpie marker to fix some knicks that appeared on the heel of the shoe. Just colored ’em right on in. I figured it would only be noticeable if someone actually looked closely and it’s true, from eye-height no one noticed a thing.

I thought that was pretty slick. Oh, so, so, slick.

Slick. That’s a word my mom would use. She likes that word and she likes the word “sharp”. Actually, if she says something looks “sharp” it’s quite possibly the highest compliment that she might EVER give you.

Being called “sharp” or hearing “that is JUST so sharp” from my mom translates in my head to the holy grail of compliments. It’s basically right up there with what it might be like if Oprah called me herself and asked me to come eat cookies with her, play with her puppies and then having her insist on giving me a crisp $1,000,000.00 bill.

Yes. A Million Dollar Bill.

So, I thought everything was going so great with these slightly-ghetto-but-totally-still-passable shoes. Turns out they are only okay in dry weather. I found this out the hard way. These frugal-beast-babies had developed some holes in them that had gone un-noticed but once they got hit with yesterdays day-long downpour of rain they turned into sandals.

My feet weren’t just damp but completely soaked. I thought “Why the hell am I still wearing these pieces of shit!!?? I need shoes! I need to go shopping! Yes! THAT!” Once I peeled my socks off and dried up my soggy feet it got me wondering, a little more logically “When should shoes be tossed? When is ENOUGH ENOUGH!?”

Despite my very moist foot experience I decided that I’m going to hold strong. Hey, wet feet can be dried, knicks can be colored over, and fresh coats of polish can be given- over and over and over again.

Basically, now it’s a battle of wills. Me VS. THOSE Shoes.

And. It’s On.

The shoes will remain with me though I might just wear them from here on out when the sun is shining and the rain clouds are no where in sight.

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6 thoughts on “Confession: I Touch-Up My Shoes With a Sharpie

  1. Katie

    I know what you mean! I had this pair of sandals that I wore almost every single day for 6 months while on a study abroad trip in Spain. By the time I got home they were so thin that you could practically see through the bottom. I still have them for sentimental purposes but I don't wear them… you know, in case of tetanus or something.

    Someone should invent waterproof socks. Then shoes would last forever! That is a million dollar idea. :)

  2. Chelle


    I have been wearing the same pair of $20 reebok sneakers every single day for about six years now. I bought them on sale at the local outlet center because I wanted a pair of white sneakers and they have held up wonderfully. Now, I walk the dog every day and I am noticing that my feet are starting to hurt when I walk. I think it's probably the shoes.

    I've been seeing a wonderful ad for new walking shoes by Reebok called Reeflex and I want them SO MUCH! But I went to the website and discovered they were $90!!!! I would never pay $90 for a pair of shoes, no matter how much I wear them. I know it's a cost vs. benefit type of thing, but still. $90!

    So I am tromping along every lunchtime with the dog in shoes that are probably not very good for my feet. I wonder if this will cost me in medical bills down the road, but I can't bring myself to go shoe shopping when the dentist needs to be paid and the car is going into the shop on Monday for service and my son might be taking summer classes so will need his tuition paid. Shoes are kind of down on the bottom of the list.

    Until I have to take the dog for a walk…ugh.

  3. Francesca

    You make me want to try harder and be a better person too. I have a pair of charity shop faux leather ballet flats on today and a hockey class to teach on a wet oval, keep your fingers corssied for me X

  4. Connie

    Shoes or Feet? That is the question, many years ago I went barefoot all of the time, wore flip flops and mocassins summer and winter. Now that I am older my feet kill me so I go to the Dr and get cortisone shots about every 6 months. These are painful shots but the foot pain is worse. Luckily I have pretty good health insurance because they are also expensive. But even with that I loved going barefoot and wearing those moccassins.

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