Sickening. Like, Barf-y Sick.

panda rainbow barf

Is everyone all done with their taxes!? Yay! Nothing screams “FUN!” quite like taxes huh.

We just got ours done for the year- (thank god!) and I cannot begin to tell you how grossed out I got. Let me tell you why. So, because of our photography business we itemize our taxes and tally receipts. It makes taxes that much trickier but ends up being worth it after it’s all said and done. So, I was tallying the receipts like I do every year around tax time.  After 5 yeah 5 whoopingly HUGE manilla envelopes filled to the brim with receipts for 2009 I got really sick and annoyed with myself. It really showed me how much I spent. How out of control things were. I’m glad I’m awake to see what was actually happening and I’m glad seeing all the receipts for coffee, eating out and clothes is over. At least for this year. ugh. disturbing and disgusting. It’s like how could I have consumed so much?!!?

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2 thoughts on “Sickening. Like, Barf-y Sick.

  1. marianney

    i agree! when i look back myself at how much of a consumerist i have been, it makes me sick too. and i don’t even think i’m THAT bad compared to most people! add to that the damage that consumerism and waste causes to the ecosystem and it makes you even sicker.

  2. Bettay, Bettrushka, Bettina, Bettoi

    MISSY! You’re killin’ me. I’m sure glad my pelvis doesn’t hurt as much anymore! But you would come "save" me, right???
    See you Sunday?? xo B.

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