Ship Cheaper to Save Money

ship cheaper to save money

Shipping is one of those expenses that seem small but can quickly add up. Often, I find myself thinking about how great it is to be able to ship something across the country for relatively cheap (considering the alternative of bringing the package there myself!) but then I realize that I will have no idea how much it will cost to ship a certain package until I actually get to the shipping store because there are so many different variables that affect how much it costs to ship a package. A package I think might only cost $5 to ship could really turn out to cost $25 or $30 to ship. Personally, I don’t like that big of a gap between what I think it might cost to ship and what it actually costs to ship.

Turns out there is a cheaper, easier way to ship packages and the answer is at Smailex. Smailex allows individuals and small business to find the best carrier to ship with and buy its service by wholesale prices for any volume of shipment. In other words, it’s a calculator and discounter of shipping carriers. It takes only 2 minutes to calculate shipping rates by more than 10 delivery services and choose the best option on Smailex site. Moreover, they give up to 25% discount on carriers’ retail rates and repack tips that allow to fully control the shipping price and get the high quality delivery services cheaper.

I’ve talked with the owners they told me some interesting facts. For instance, Smailex was created as a solution for personal needs – in the New Year, they were packing presents and wanted to deliver them to friends and relatives but when they tried to calculate and compare shipping rates for each one, they understood that final cost could be far from the announced rates. There were too many options that influenced pricing. So, they wanted a very simple solution which would help them plan the shipping to be sure that they were getting the best price and service possible. Since they could not find a proper solution they decided to just make it the perfect shipping solution themselves and  share it with everyone.

Smailex is a young company – they launched in December the 2012th – and are growing steadily. Nowadays, their service connects FedEx & UPS carriers (USPS is under development) and provides users with such features as:

  • All rates of major carriers in one place
  • Visual comparison of carriers’ rates by multiple parameters
  • Repacking tips to avoid dimensional weight
  • Manual management of shipping price components
  • Various payment options (credit cards, cash, PayPal)

For me, I love how all the prices are laid out and it’s easy to understand. I like having options when it comes to shipping!

Here’s some more info on how Smailex works:

What are some expenses in your life that seem little but add up quick? 

This is a sponsored post but as always, my opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that help make this site possible! xo!


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  1. Kayla @ Drowning My

    This post couldn’t have come at a better time! I have to ship a package for my sister’s birthday as soon as the item I’m waiting for arrives, and I’m not excited about going to the post office and seeing how much it’s going to cost. I’m totally going to check out that site when I get everything packaged!

    As for little expenses that can really add up- well, I have a lot of them. Breakfast on the way into work is a big one. I’m trying to eliminate that habit to only twice or so a month!

  2. Camilla

    Hi Anna, I have been using Smailex services for a while and I was very happy with the great discounts they were able to offer, as we retail over the internet and shipping deals are always great news ;) A few weeks ago I had to ask them to file a claim with Fedex for a damaged shipment and because of that I had the opportunity to talk directly with Fedex sales rep for the Houston area, where Smailex is allegedly located. During such conversation the legitimacy of Smailex became very questionable as they seemed to have resold labels without any official permission to do so. At the moment their site seems to be down completely, their CEO, Ivan Grekov, is nowhere to be found, they don’t respond to emails anymore, they have fake phone numbers and every attempt to receive clarifications or help has failed. I still have to resolve our pending issue with our claim, but since they’ve disappeared it will only turn into a loss. I feel betrayed and disappointed and the loss of money is hurting quite a bit as well. :(


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