How to Save Money Shopping Online

how to save money shopping online

There’s no doubt that saving money is, ahem, awesome. So when I first found out about Scoutfit I kinda flipped because it provides a function that the online world has been needing for quite some time.

You know when you see an item online but it’s kind of pricey? Normally you would have to bookmark the item and then essentially stalk it until it goes on sale, right? With Scoutfit they do all the work for you which is great because that means that you don’t have to waste any more of your time checking back on items over and over again.

This is how Scoutfit works:

1. Go to Scoutfit and drag the Scoutfit button to your toolbar

2. See an item you like online (This tool works with any website. I tried it with a range of retailers like: Modcloth, Amazon, Etsy, and small mom-and-pop stores and it worked with them all.)

3. Click on the Scoutfit button that’s in your toolbar

4. A box opens and it will say,  “You’re Scouting this item”. There you will be able to decide if you want notifications when the price drops or when there are coupons for that item. You can select a target price for the item and you can place it in a category if you would like. (I didn’t do either and it worked just fine.)

save money online with scoutfit

5. When an item goes on sale or when there is a coupon available for one of the items in your closet you get an email that says, “Get Excited!” At first I only tried Scoutfitting clothing items but found that it also worked on non-clothes items. I received a notice that a camera I had my eye on had dropped 47%. That’s kind of huge. (I learned that some online retailers have sales far more often than others so how many notifications you receive really just depends on how many items you have in your closet.)

scoutfit save money online

This is what my closet looks like on Scoutfit:

scoutfit online deal notifier

Scoutfit is such an easy and useful tool for getting deals online that I’m surprised it hasn’t been created before. Trust me, it works that good.

This is a sponsored post but as always, my opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that help make this site possible! xo!

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