8 Healthy Rice and Bean Recipes That Give Your Wallet a Break

rice and beans recipes

Rice and beans is usually the first thing that comes to mind (regarding food) when we start thinking about saving money, and why do we think about rice and beans? Because they’re both really cheap, and lucky for us if we choose black beans and brown rice it’s super healthy and filling because of all that fiber they’ve got up in ’em.

Sometimes, I get major buyer’s remorse and a spending hangover (both feel terrible), and I like to take breaks from spending because there’s something about not spending that is, surprisingly, kind of a relief.

If you want to give your wallet a bit of a break here are some super tasty and healthy rice and bean recipes to consider while getting your finances back on track.

8 Healthy Rice and Bean Recipes… 

– Mexican Bean Soup with Spanish Rice

Slow-Cooker Red Beans and Rice

Louisiana Red Beans and Rice 

Quick Seasoned Black Beans

TexMex Rice and Beans

Mexican Tomato Rice and Beans

Black Beans and Saffron Rice

Spicy Rice and Black Bean Wrap

What are your favorite rice and bean recipes? What do you make when you want to save money?

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  1. RachelM

    This whole week (my second week of the spending fast), I’ve been eating wild rice (from Grocery Outlet-less than half regular price), pinto beans (cooked in the crockpot), roasted root veggies (sweet potato, potato,beets tossed with a little olive oil, salt and pepper) and steamed greens (the beet tops or a little kale).

  2. RachelM

    Whoops, my phone posted that too soon! Anyway, I make a big batch of the above on Sunday night and just heat them up for a quick week night meal. I do live in California, so I know a lot of those vegetables are a bit cheaper here in the winter than in other places. It is a super satisfying and healthy meal,and you can change it up by adding whatever vegies are cheapest/in season at the time.

  3. femmefrugality

    Haha! Love the graphic! I’m the same way with buyer’s remorse/spending hangovers. I get them often. Sometimes when I really shouldn’t. These recipes look awesome! I have some beans that I need to cook up soon, anyways. Will be using.

  4. Jeremy Jameson

    I remember spending many childhood summers of mine in Puerto Rico (a low income, tropical territory of the U.S.) and the staple diet there was good ol’ rice & beans most nights. Long-lasting carbs + protein-laden beans = sustained energy. Throw in some home-grown vegetables and drink milk for dairy and you’ve got it made for super cheap!

  5. Alicia

    Haha, I love the graphic. ^^ I tried the Mexican Tomato Rice and Beans recipe, and it wasn’t too bad! I have also been trying lentils and rice as a combo, as together, they make up a complete protein (like rice and beans do).

  6. Jessica N

    I work FT and study FT which means sometimes I have to study, while cooking, while cleaning up after myself and my boyfriend (who is a mess). I have found a few shortcuts to making a few dishes, but my favorite fast dish starts out with brown rice tossed into a pan with olive oil, a little bit of chopped up garlic and onions, and a bit ot salt. That mixture is put on high and stirred for a minute to release all of the flavors. I then add with a no sodium chicken stock and water mixture bring to a boil, then lower the heat to medium while the rice cooks i toss some kidney beans into a pan with a tiny bit of “I can’t believe it’s not butter”. On a non stick pan I heat up a tiny bit of olive oil (when I say tiny bit of oil I mean I wet a paper towel and moisten the pan with it) and I put in sausage “preferably Colombian chorrizo” chopped up in thin slices or cut up into cubes. Once the sausage is about fully cooked I remove it from the pan, put it onto some napkins to drain any oils, then I toss the sausage into the beans. Once the rice is cooked and the beans are nice and hot I put a little paprika in the beans and toss them on top of the rice on a plate. It’s delicious, and you can always replace the rice with lettuce & tomato and it will still taste amazing! One thing you cannot skip even if it’s a bit of extra calories is Parmesan cheese. It just makes beans perfect. It takes me about 30 minutes to make all of this and serve it. I usually make big batches of rice so we have rice for 3 days.

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  8. calinai

    We’ve been eating beans and rice since the day we’ve been married/both been in school. and now I have to say whenever we eat something else I miss the ol’ beans and rice

      1. Kim

        Lately I’ve been adding Red Gold diced tomatoes with green chiles to a Spanish Rice mix (usually Zatarain’s). I usually add some extra canned black beans. It’s simmered for 25-30 minutes. That’s my basic recipe. Sometimes I put shredded cheddar cheese on top, sometimes not. It microwaves well the next two or three days, too.


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