Resources and Tips to Get Out of Debt with a Spending Fast

Insider Resources and Tips for Getting Out of Debt Quick!

Getting out of debt is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, but it takes a ton of willpower. Willpower is necessary for both getting out of debt and staying out. But it isn’t the only thing that will help you succeed. First, you have to desire to get out of debt. You have to crave that freedom. You can’t just want to be free of debt. It has to be a need. that need is going to be the force that drives you when you are tempted to give up and slide backward. The next thing you have to do if you are going to get out of debt is to take responsibility for your spending behavior and acknowledge that it has to change for you to make purposeful life choices that will lead you in the right direction.

Spending Fast Bootcamp

Getting out of debt is simple, but it isn’t easy. Once you have the resources and tools, you will have to tell yourself every day that you will get out of debt and you will stick to the plan. The Bootcamp is full of all the tough love and hard choices you need to make to get yourself out of your situation and finally breathe easier, knowing you made it to the other side. The most difficult thing about making such a huge directional change in your life is that you will have to do battle with your old habits and you will come up with a million and a half excuses for yourself. Don’t listen. You can do this. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. You may not be able to trust yourself at the beginning of your struggle to get out of debt, but there are so many resources like this one to help you through.

Read the Spending Fasters Guide to Debt-Free Living

If you are serious about changing your life forever by getting out of debt, read this book. It’s my personal story and method for getting out of debt and doing it quickly. Let’s face it. cutting back on the lifestyle you want is a drag. Your debt is holding you back, but your choices are making it worse. If you are going to have to make drastic lifestyle changes to reach your goal of becoming debt-free, you want to get it over with as quickly as possible and never look back, right? That’s why the methods in my book are aimed at walking you through the process and getting you where you want to be in record time. I’ve done it and I want you to do it, too.

Free Roadmap to Debt Freedom

Download my free roadmap to learn practical steps I took to wipe out almost $24,000 in debt within 15 months. Just twelve steps will take you down my exact debt freedom journey and you will learn from my experience as well as gain encouragement as you complete each step.

Okay, So What is a Spending Fast?

A Spending Fast is the method I used to free myself from the shackles of debt. When you fast, you stop eating for a period of time. It’s a cleansing ritual. A Spending Fast does the same thing as a regular fast, only instead of not eating food, you’re not spending.

Of course, you have to manage your monthly payments, but with my Spending Fast method, you quickly determine what spending is critically necessary and what spending you have to cut out. A true Spending Fast allows you only to spend money on your needs, and it completely cuts spending on wants out of the budget. When you take the Spending Faster pledge, you can join Spending Fasters just like you in my Facebook group. The group is there for encouragement, support, and tips to help you see through your commitment to becoming debt-free.

Quick Tips to Get out of Debt

Here are some insights to help you get started:

Monthly Statements

Want to learn some simple quick tips to help you get out of debt? The first thing to do is to read all your monthly statements. It’s really easy and you will instantly be rewarded by finding so many areas where you can cut spending right off the bat. For most people, it’s a real eye-opener. Even if you think you have a good idea where your money goes each month, do this. Go over your statements with a highlighter to mark all the payments you want to cut from your budget during your spending fast.

While you’re going over those statements another good tip is to write down payments you think you might be able to reduce. That includes things like insurance, cable, and wireless plans.

Shopping Tips

Don’t be so drastic in your lifestyle change. People tend to self-sabotage by biting off too much too fast. No your limits and be practical. For example, eating at home doesn’t have to mean preparing a gourmet meal every night. Come up with a grocery budget that you can afford, but pay close attention to your habits. If you are buying food and not eating it, or are still tempted to order in, you aren’t buying the right things.

Other things to avoid while grocery shopping is snacks that aren’t fresh. No matter how cheap it is, or what deal you get, or what coupon you have, you don’t need three bags of chips, a pack of cookies and a gallon of ice cream.

Items that make the most sense on a budget are rice and pasta. They are cheap to buy and easy to make.

Remember It’s Temporary

Don’t worry about what friends or relatives might think about your Spending Fast. It’s not a permanent arrangement. When you follow a diet, you have no problem telling people about it when it’s important, right? This is just a diet. It’s a way to get out of debt quickly. It’s definitely nothing to be ashamed of or worry about. If you get resistance or discouragement, you don’t have to write them out of your life forever, just try to minimize your exposure to negativity until you are finally able to get out of debt.

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  1. Victoria

    Totally agree with doing a spending fast. For me one of my biggest expenses was alcohol – I quit alcohol for a year and was able to save so much more money! If you eliminate your expenses you can do it pretty quickly.


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