Reporting Back

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Being an auntie is quite tough. The hardest part of my vacation to the oh so tropical state of Nebraska was the leaving my snuggle bunny baby nephew. Snuggling costs no money… so I signed up for double shifts.

The trip was over all a success. I stayed at my sister’s house for free and ate the food and coffee at her house as often as possible to reduce my costs. I bought groceries and kept them in the fridge and got called a mooch more than once. (More on being a mooch later…)

One of the biggest temptations on the trip was hanging out with my uber stylish and fashionable sister who owns the men’s and women’s clothing store Scout: Dry Goods and Trade she can put together an outfit like a pro and even gave me some store credit to her cutie shop so I could get something new! (How sweet is she!?) Her store is jam packed with crazy cute stuff so I had a hard time sticking to the limit of the store credit. I even rummaged through her closet and borrowed some items to wear while visiting (it was nice to get out of my old faded clothes and wear some different things!) I fell in love with the red shirt in the 1st picture but she wasn’t ready to part with it, yet.

Since I was on vacation and didn’t have my house close by to eat at I ended up drinking some fancy coffee shop coffee while on the go (it didn’t taste as good as I remember) and I had lunch out with my sisters and family a couple of times and it was so easy to slip right back into the mindset of “I have plenty of money” (I don’t) and just want to spend away without a care. This makes me kinda nervous for when the Spending Fast is over. I don’t want to get myself out of my big ass debt mess just to get myself right back into one, you know. How will I safe guard against slipping back into my old ways the second the Spending Fast is over? This, I’ll have to think about. I want to be a healthy spender when this is over not an all or nothing spender like before and now with THE Fast. There’s got to be a nice middle ground where I can be. Maybe a Spending Diet? But, we all hear all the time “Diets don’t work but lifestyle changes do”… hmmm.

On another note, I’ve been very anxious and excited and really, really, really ready to get this last credit card payment paid with this months savings and then I can get on with the actual saving part of the Spending Fast.

Oh. yay.

Throughout this Spending Fast its been really nice to say “I’m knocking out my consumer debt.. Whoo.” and that was and is a completely great goal to work towards and almost accomplish but I’m feeling way less excited about saving money just for saving moneys sake.  I know you savers out there say its all for good reason and really you must have savings but I’m having a hard time getting PUMPED about saving. Maybe I should set an amount to save? That might make it more fun. If saving money can be fun.

My hub and many others I know don’t let money burn a hole through their pockets but for me, that money will burn all the way to the bone if I let it. Straight through the muscle and it’ll ruin my jeans and leave me with a gaping bloody wound if I let it. Ok. Maybe that was a little dramatic but you get my drift right? I tend to do best when I have goals. Something to work towards. Just floating in oblivion has never been where I thrive. So. Right here, right now I’m calling it out. I’m gonna try to save 5,000 for the rest of the Spending Fast. ehh. This may be something I soon regret… But there it is- a goal I’m shooting for.

Thinking more about the vacationing/trip taking topic… you know, I think it totally depends on the type of vacation you’re taking. If you’re going to visit family that makes it way easier to save while away from home but it would be 20 thousand times harder if you have to stay in a hotel, rent a car, eat out almost all meals and then do things for entertainment. Whereas with family sitting on the couch or snuggling with a baby can be plenty.

Maybe the greatest things in life really are free?


3 thoughts on “Reporting Back

  1. marianney

    the easiest way to keep from getting back into debt is to cut up those credit cards and ask your husband to help you out too. but the #1 rule is, you can’t get mad at him if he calls you out on keeping you in check. especially if you ask him to. so be prepared for it before you ask.

    then, i mentioned it before and i’ll mention it again. please read "Your Money or Your Life" by Joe Dominquez and Vicki Robin (
    I am totally a splurger and buy-on-a-whim type of person especially when I see cute stuff. but after reading this book, it really made me think twice about spending money on things. and one of the things they say is to really think about and determine what’s important in your life. you may decide that’s travelling more, spending more time with family and friends, retiring early, etc. etc. whatever it is, (and make sure you communicate it with your hubby) once you have determined what that goal is and how much you need to achieve it, it’s way easier to start saving for it because you’re working towards a goal, just like what you’ve been doing the last 6 months.
    anyways, the book has a lot of other things to say obviously, some that will apply to you, some will not (warning: the book gets a little wordy and repetitive and some of it is a bit extreme so take it with a grain of salt) but it does have some powerful messages and asks you some direct questions that put things into perspective.
    gosh! sorry if i sound like i’m pushing this book, but i really believe it could have the message to answer the questions you are asking in your post today. it has really kept me from spending money on useless things in the last few months. not 100% but probably 90% and that’s good!

    oh and someone posted this in a blog i read the other day: "i talk to a lot of old people about what they’ve learned in life, and the one thing you never hear them say is ‘Gee, I wish I had acquired more stuff’."

    hope this helps! ;)

  2. anna

    so awesome! thanks for the comment. i got that book from the library but didnt read it in time before it was due… gotta make it a bigger priority.. sounds really good!

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