Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” -Willie Nelson

I’ve been playing a little game with myself lately. If I think a negative thought, or say something negative, I also have to think or say something positive. It might seem silly to some, but it’s helping me to automatically think more positively. And it’s making me a little bit happier too.

How do you combat negativity? Talk to me in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones

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  1. Chris Glover

    I barely know what you mean by combatting negativity. So I guess I’ve trained myself well to be a pretty positive person!

    I do have a small business though and sometimes negative things happen (like refunds or a customer not being satisfied with their purchase), but I always remember that: 1. You can’t please everyone, 2. People have opinions. I always try to feel good about what I send out and if I’m feeling worried, I contact the customer and ask them how their experience was. I do my own market research to avoid that feeling of not being good enough.

    As far as regular daily thoughts, I naturally live by positive mantras, positive thoughts float through my head more than negative. If I’m not thinking, positive quotes pop up so there has to be a disturbance in the force for me to actually have negative thoughts. Though, I love the idea of instantly thinking something positive to pair with that negative thought!

  2. Mrs. Picky Pincher

    It’s been really hard because lately I’ve been surrounded by negativity at work. It’s so, so hard to stay positive when you feel trapped and upset. I like to make myself a hot cup of green tea, take a bath (if I can), and listen to good or new music.

  3. Kristen

    Years ago, I read some advice about combating negative thinking in most any situation. Make a short list of the positive aspects of the situation​. Hate your job today? Find ten good things about it today. Maybe it’s that you have the comfiest chair in the office, or that your horrible co-worker is not in this week, or simply because you make enough money to help knock down the debt. Maybe you only find 3 out of 10, but it’s a start.


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