Reciprocation Proclamation Examination Go Ahead and Add in an Ovation

obnoxious cat cake

Over the top, completely obnoxious cakes just so happen to be my specialty.

Who knew I had such a talent? I should be on one of those Food channel cake challenges just to wow them with my Wowness. I have a feeling the renaissance sugar specialty lady would laugh in me face! And. I would probably deserve it.

So, anyway. Here’s what I came up with for my bud who bought me the Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang book (you have to read the Dudley essay, so funny) so that I could meet her at the book signing.

Here’s the post about that if you missed it.

Said Bday girl told me that her favorite cake/frosting combo was yellow cake with chocolate frosting and here you have it! The cake is a 2 layer yellow butter cake that is topped with a delicious creamy chocolate buttercream frosting. (it’s all vegan too, but that’s between you and me).

She has a cat so it is surrounded by a carousel of cats at the base and then topped with 2 different types of sprinkles and some sparkly garland stuff that I configured to look like an insane roller coaster.

I got all the ingredients from the grocery store and used decorations I already owed so I think the cake cost me $1.69ish total. Not bad. Not bad.

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