Realigning Priorities To Get Back To Some Simple Living

simplyfying life overwhelmed by all there is to do

The house needs cleaning, the cabinets need organizing, the books need reading, the food needs eating, the relationships need talking, listening and patience, the emails need to be written, the things need to be put away, and the weights need to be lifted.

With the new year there is always more to do to be even more perfect. Pump-up the to-do lists, and make this year THE BEST ONE EVER already!

I started the Spending Fast partly because I had this out-of-control feeling with my finances, and those feelings had to end. Now life has creept back up into nutty busy out-of-control territory again.

So what can I do? I can do what I did with the Spending Fast and start to step out of the madness cycle.

Simplifying to me means (among other things):

  • No more checking out stacks of books that I just have to read and then returning them guiltily unread
  • No more picking up the weekly free papers to stay up to date on everything happening in Denver
  • No more saying “Yes” to things I’m really not into
  • No more great expectations on every aspect of my life

Simplifying also means more of:

  • Taking the time to really enjoy and appreciate where I’m at in life, and who is in my life (because I’m pretty damn lucky really)
  • Recognizing when I’ve taken on too much and reaching out for help when possible
  • Stop myself from taking on too much in the first place by respecting my own limits and setting boundaries

simple living debt free lifeart by yuri ancarani via nero magazine

The great news is that simplifying life is one of the best perks of the Spending Fast and Spending Diet– less crap to manage and maintain, less obligations in general, and you get to blame it all on the Spending Fast like this, “Nope, can’t doing it since I’m on a Spending Fast“. (True story: I once got an email from a friend of someone doing a Spending Fast because she was mad that her friend turned her down for dinner out because she was on a Spending Fast(!)- Hey, I’ll take the blame;)

Sonya over at the Kanelstrand blog sent me an email the other day about a 3-week project she’s doing to help people simplify their lives. Here’s the link about her project: Simple Living Challenge. I thought you all might find it interesting.

Sonya shared her insight with me (below) on what simple living means for her and how you can find out if it’s something that might be good for you too.

“What is simple living?

Simple living is an attitude to life that will help you live more sustainably, more deliberately and more happily. Among other things, simple living includes:

  • Identifying what is most important for you and eliminating everything else
  • Doing what inspires you and being with the people you love
  • De-cluttering (be it your mind, your everyday life or your virtual life)
  • Single-tasking and learning to diminish stress
  • Striving to live frugally by wanting less and buying only what is necessary
  • Slowing down and being actively present in the moment
  • Living a healthy life
  • Striving to be green and sustainable as much as your surroundings allow
  • Enjoying the simple pleasures of life
  • Simplifying your goals, tasks and expectations

Simplyfing must be good for you if:

  • You are very deep in debt
  • The clutter around you is overwhelming you and is keeping you away from taking the right decisions
  • You have grown apart from your loved ones and even yourself
  • You are stressed out
  • You rarely do something for the fun of it
  • If you spend too much time on the Internet
  • If you are very disorganized
  • You constantly multi-task

I know all this may seem overwhelming but I assure you, there is nothing complicated in living a simple life. You don’t need to withdraw from the world and seek a retreat to be able to achieve simplification. Simple living is about engaging more fully in the world, but with a different set of priorities. Simple living allows for the really important things in life and helps you appreciate more fully what you have and who you are.”

Thanks for the insights Sonya!

What do you do when you feel stressed? How do you simplify? Is simplifying something you’d like more of in your life?

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  1. Brittany

    I had to repost this everywhere. So true and so good!!! Viva la Simple Living! I'm still working on getting there (it's all about the journey, right?), but I am so, so much closer than I was at this time last year. It's amazing. It's funny when things start to really "click" with you and you feel like your eyes open and you think, "Why do I own all this stuff?? What the heck am I doing?!" and it just feels so good to get to where I am now…just thinking of where I will be later this year is so great!

  2. Anna Newell Jones

    Thanks Steve & Meghan! The simpler the better, lives fills up with so much stuff so quickly. It's easy to forget that it doesn't have to be cluttered with so much junk that doesn't really matter.

  3. Bridget

    haha I too have to stop checking out stacks of books I want to read. It's always with such good intentions… but realistically I have no idea how I could read a dozen books in 3 weeks.

    Nice post. I think I've done fairly well de-cluttering my life but I also think I have a lot more to do

  4. Sabrina

    Bea's blog has been awesome inspiration for de-cluttering and reducing what comes in our home. I thought we were fairly minimalist before reading her blog, but she takes it to a whole new (and envious) level. We're getting better everyday though.

    Also the book The Lost Art of Real Cooking helped me have a new take on the kitchen. It gave me the freedom to forget about cookbooks, go with my gut, and develop my taste buds to figure out what foods work well with each other. My husband says my cooking is even more amazing than before.

    We only watch Netflix occasionally and I think getting rid of cable was the best things we could have ever done, it lets us focus on the important stuff instead of vegging out on the couch. Now we just need to reduce our internet consumption!

    Wanting a "simple" life is actually more work sometimes (like making your own beer) but it's so fun and fulfilling in a way that I can't really describe. I think it's the sense of accomplishment you feel, it also gives me confidence and teaches me patience (especially when making your own beer, lol)!

    Thanks for all the great posts.

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