Radio Interview + How To Watch/Listen To Yourself Without Cringing

Last weekend I had the opportunity to talk with Michael Finney of Consumer Talk Radio in San Francisco about the post I wrote a couple of weeks ago on The High Cost of Being A Bridesmaid (and What to Do About It).

It still feels surreal whenever people what to hear what I have to say on a topic. So humbling (shoot, I just wanted some accountabilty with paying off my debt when I started this site).

Being on the radio is slightly less cringe-worthy than being on TV (because there’s less to be critical and self-conscious about since the visual aspect isn’t there) but still it’s like, “Why did I say that!?” or “I should’ve answered that question another way!”

I heard a good tip the other day and was thinking you might find it interesting too if you’re ever in the position of watching/listening to yourself.

It’s this:

  • The 1st time you watch/listen to yourself you’ll cringe
  • The 2nd time you watch/listen to the piece you’ll cringe less
  • And, the 3rd time you watch/listen to it you’ll be able to see the piece more objectively so you’ll be able to critique yourself and make notes of things to change for the next time

Moral of the story: suffer through the first 2 viewings.

If you’d like to listen the the radio interview on The High Cost of Being A Bridesmaid (and What To Do About It) it’s right here. There’s a brief mention of the interview in the beginning of the hour and then my part starts at the 40:35 mark.


Do you have tips for being interviewed? How do deal with public speaking and how do you keep your brain from freezing up!?


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