Quick. So Quick You Can’t Even Believe It.

baggy pants

Just a quick little guy here to let you know that yesterday I got the Feedburner (thanks to a reader for the suggestion!) set up on this site (on the right site all the way at the bottom under the links) so you can now get the latest posts sent to your inbox and you will now never miss a moment of the horrible and sometimes devastating tragedy with a dash of blissful happiness that comes with the decision to do a year-long Spending Fast.

How’s that for dramatic. That just so happens to be my specialty.

Also, for those of you keeping track and waiting with bated breath on an update about the Homemade Haircut situation. I decided to let it grow grow grow and then when I can no longer stand it I will hit up a haircutting student or a bud who is interested in haircutting (again, a reader tip! good idea!) or a friend who is into reading haircutting instructions with precision off of the internet. Until then, I will be your split-ended blogger over here loving you till the end.