How to Make Your Own Dry Shampoo

George Washington

This is a DIY (do-it-yourself) post for those of you who have been tempted to buy Dry Shampoo. While this (admittedly) isn’t the most electrifying post I’ve ever written I thought it might be of interest to a few of you. Okay, maybe ONE of you will like it. Okay, if not even one of you likes it then just peruse the NEW Top Posts section over there. Yes, right there in the upper right area of the blog over there. I worked on this new section over the weekend so maybe you’ll like something there and if not come back tomorrow because I’ll probably have something totally prolific to say then.

If you haven’t heard of this Dry Shampoo thing it’s supposed to fluff up your hair, give it volume (it does that well especially for fine hair) and basically it supposed to save you time since you don’t have to wash your hair after working out and it’s handy if you wake up late and are a big grease head and can’t wear a hat to work because it’s just not a wear-a-hat-to-work-kind-of-job then it’s good for fixing an ick head. Dry Shampoo is one of those “little purchases” that add up over time and I would’ve definitely bought some bottles of it in my days-of-debt, denial and over-spending (since I work hard and wanted to buy what I wanted with my hard-earned dough). Actually, who am I trying to kid, I DID buy some right before the Spending Fast started. See this post.

Dry shampoo is basically baby powder in an aerosol spray can. Yes. That’s all it is. People buy this stuff. I bought that stuff. Ugh. Stupid stuff that adds up to a lot of debt. When I think about the stupid junk I used to buy, the stuff that got me into my debt, I can’t help but cringe. You know one of those “Wwhaaaat diddd I doooo?!!?” deep gut cringes? One of those. (Luckily, little things add up to a lot in the other direction too- towards debt payoff!)

I think buying dry shampoo is silly but I’ve bought it and a lot of other things like that because on some sub-conscious level it’s easy to be sold on these things. I WANTED to believe that these types of things would help me somehow, make me prettier, awesome-er, perfect-er. (I still want to believe magazine ads and commercials sometimes. They make it so easy to believe them.)

You know, I really hoped that these things would be the EXACT thing I was looking for. And sometimes, it seems that the only point in purchasing these things was to prove to myself that I could buy something a dumb as dry shampoo if I wanted to. And while these weren’t my proudest moments on some level it was satisfying to know that I could get what I wanted when I wanted it even if it meant getting myself further into debt and after I got to a certain level of debt I started saying to myself “Aw, screw it. I’ll always have this debt so I might as well enjoy myself!”

We know how that story ended: $23,605.10 in debt.

Homemade Dry Shampoo Recipe/Technique:

Get yourself some generic baby powder or cornstarch (maybe you already have some in your bathroom cabinet?), sprinkle some on your scalp/hair (not on the ends), fluff it up, use a brush to spread it out.

Poof, fluff, sprinkle and repeat.

I’ve learned that it’s best to do this at night (if possible) so you end up looking less like you have on a powdered George Washington wig. Looking like the 1st president is not a look that I like to go after often. I like to save that for special occasions.


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  1. newborn gifts

    Always remember, not to buy talc for the baby. Instead chose cornstarch based alternative. Most of the baby powder products are made from a cornstarch base or with a baking soda mix.

  2. Erin

    This sounds great! Question though, I have reeeeeeally dark brown hair (almost black), and while I can imagine leaving the powder in overnight would help, any suggestions for what I would do if I didn’t have enough time to let the powder naturally “sink in”?

    Thanks! Great post!

  3. Ellen

    I have dark brown hair so I put a little bit of cocoa powder in the corn starch. It works perfect and it smells great!

  4. Ashley

    I use Burt’s Baby Bee Dusting powder, talc-free isn’t just for babies! I do by small cans of dry shampoo–I have full, blunt bangs, and only a direct spritz from my little can of Clean Freak dry shampoo keeps me from having a sweaty bang situation in summer time. I just wanted to let the other ladies with bangs know that sometimes, you need a little aerosol. lol

  5. wendy

    Cornstarch or baby powder… which works best? I have dark brown hair and was wondering about mixing in some dry brown cocoa powder. What do you think?

  6. skellycrow

    i’ve been doing this for years (and yes, i realize this post is years old, but i just surfed on in) – i’m a reddish-head and adding cinnamon is a fun thing to avoid looking like our pal george (and smells kinda fun too).


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