Organizing Receipts In The Cutest Way Possible!

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Loose receipts cluttered our apartment, and for years I would just stuff them into a big old manilla envelope which I hid in my closet. then, inevitably tax-time would come and I would deal with ALL the receipts at once which was, ohmigosh, so time-consuming and awful!

This quick tip helps to make the tedious task of organizing receipts for taxes a little more bearable and a lot more cute!

Aaron is super organized (thankfully) and he decided he would enter the receipts into a spreadsheet and into their neat little categories throughout the year as we went (such a good idea but so hard to actually keep up with). We each have our own personal checking and savings accounts, we have a joint personal account, and then we have a joint business account, so that means there are a lot of receipts keep up with. I keep every receipt and then deal with them later. I figure, might as well err on the side of having too many things to write off at the end of the year instead of accidentally tossing ones I should’ve kept.

I’m all about making tedious tasks as easy as possible, because there’s absolutely no reason to make things harder than they need to be or to complicate things when they don’t need complicating. I picked up two super cute french jars with lids that were $7-ish (cringed when I bought them- $7 for a jar!??!) but I’m so glad I did because it helps make collecting the receipts a little less painful; it made it a little bit exciting and gave me a boost of motivation. I added little tags, decorated them and on one it says “Joint Personal Account” and on the other “Joint Business Account”.

The jars sit on our counter and in the receipts go! Cute and easy!


How you make tedious tasks a little cuter and easier?

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  1. marmoset

    Next time, check out Goodwill — you can get nice vintage jars for just a couple of dollars each. Love this idea!


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